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Battle City Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen (Vs. Battle City)
Starting stage 1 (Vs. Battle City)
Action (Vs. Battle City)
I picked a power-up so my base is protected (Vs. Battle City)
Stage results (Vs. Battle City)
Starting Stage 2 (Vs. Battle City)
Stage 2 gameplay (Vs. Battle City)

Game Boy version

Title Screen
Use the terrain to your advantage.
Taking out an enemy tank.
Keep an eye out for power-ups.
Larger tanks are slower, but take more hits.
Defend your base!
Only 3 tanks to go...
End of level results.
This is the first game for destroying all tanks on-screen in Battle City.
Here is the summary of the tanks destroyed at Battle City.

NES version

Level 25
Title Screen
Action shot
Game Over
High score
Level Construction mode
Level 4
Level 1
Skull level
eagle's wall is damaged
i'm hiding
enemy destroyed.

Sharp X1 version

Title screen
Construction mode
Stage 1
Stage 4 is a tribute to the little critters Hobblins from another Namco game Libble Rabble
Mappy inspired Stage 10
Stage 14 - Skull
The slippery stage 17
End of stage 19 results
Stage 21 and another tribute, this time to Pooka from Dig Dug
Stage 23 - Falcon
Game Over screen