Battle for the Ashes Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title Screen

DOS version

Title screen
About to bat
The game's title screen

The game's configuration options

Shareware version
This is the England squad. The player can automatically select the best team or they can select the player's manually. The same options are available for the Australian team too
After the team selection there is the traditional coin toss before the match gets underway
Australia to bowl Note the markers showing the fielding positions differ from the "About to bat" screenshot
Looks like he's been clean bowled
Whenever a cricketer is bowled out the game displays the player statistics before the next batsman takes the field
England three for no reply at the end of the first over. This is not a reflection on the state of English cricket, just this players inability to get the controls to work
If the ball passes the batsman the game switches to an overhead view that allows the player to take a quick run
It's started to rain. The match must be being played in England
Rain has stopped play. This is a five day test match so it's time limited. Losing a few hours to rain could be strategically important
When playing the demonstration version of the game the match halts after one innings and advises the player of the features to be found in the full game