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Battle Master Screenshots

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Loading screen
Game setup
Credits while the game loads
Game start
Loading your party into a tunnel
Open-air combat
Near a lake

DOS version

Title screen
Selecting your character or making one up.
Current statistics
Checking out your inventory.
An Ogre warrior is razed by townsfolk in Dullham.
A group of merchants explore a treacherous region.
While exploring caverns they stumble upon an Orc's home.
An elfish warrior disturbs a sentry while ransacking dungeons.
A group of Orc thieves attack the town of Dullham.
Searching one of the many homes of Dullham for food and weapons.
A warrior explores Brightleaf forest.
He found an bow!
A group of thieves set off a trap in Brightleaf forest.

Genesis version

Title Screen
Choosing Human
Cave Orc
Going to die
As an orc, attacking village
As an orc, attacking village II
Robbing house
Travel map
Elven Forest
Cave Exploration
Cave Exploration II
Located well-defended cave entrance