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Battlefield 3: End Game Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Operation Riverside map loading
Operation Riverside starting with players already on dirt bikes
Taking out enemy with my pistol. In background perfect ramps for dirt bike jumps!
Keep coming a little closer
Nebandan Flats map loading
Nebandan Flats long range snipers and tank battles
Catching two enemy from behind them sneaking in to take our checkpoint
Hard to spot at long distance but the blue sky gives him away and aiming high for bullet drop
Dirt bikes are popular and fast… show-off
Kiasar Railroad map loading
Kiasar Railroad targeting with SOFLAM
Parachuting and using a sniper rifle isn't easy
Trying to take out an enemy with a shoulder mount Stinger looking for Lock on our attack chopper
SOFLAM laser lock on enemy chopper he pops flares but that won't decoy a Javelin shot
Sabalan Pipeline map loading
Setting up the SOFLAM to get targeting on enemy tank at left on the road
Now hiding from the tank I can swing the SOFLAM on target remotely
Sabalan Pipeline is winter landscape and if you don't change your Camo you really stick out like the guy running just above my scope
Using mortars to soften an inbound enemy tank and infantry
My flag! Dropping an enemy that arrived on a dirt bike