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1001 Video Games

The PS3 version of Battlefield: Bad Company appears in the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die by General Editor Tony Mott.

Kelly's Heroes movie reference

This game looks a dead rip off of "Kelly's Heroes" movie from 1970. Although the setting in the movie is World War II, a group of soldiers who accidentally stumble upon a gold bar take it on their own to go behind enemy lines and steal the gold.

Even the four main characters in the game draw close analogy with some of the main characters from the movie.
  • Sergeant is reluctant to go for the gold but cares for his soldiers and other allied soldier, same as Master Sergeant Big Joe from Kelly's Heroes played by Telly Savalas.
  • Haggard plays a bit of an eccentric who does things on his own and constantly acts weird, much like Oddball from Kelly's Heroes played by Donald Sutherland.
  • Sweetwater is constantly complaining about everything just like Crapgame from Kelly's Heroes played by Don Rickles.
  • Preston, the player character, is constantly cool with everything and does most of the action, like Kelly in Kelly's Heroes played by Clint Eastwood.

    There are even some references to the movie, like when Haggard tells Sweetwater that something happened because of his negative thinking. In the movie Oddball used to tell his comrade the same think only used to say "always the negative waves" instead of "always the negative thinking".


    To promote the game, EA Games released a bevy of trailers, but three in particular spoofed three other gaming franchises.

    One entitled "Rainbow Sprinkles" was spoofing the Tom Clancy Rainbow Six series. In it, Sgt. Redford and Preston Marlowe are about to take an enemy stronghold through stealth tactics when Sweetwater and Haggard are heard discussing rainbow sprinkles on donuts. Redford tells them they are on a stealth mission and to breach a door in the distance, but instead of doing it quietly Haggard throws a grenade and then he and Sweetwater walk out into the open, blasting away at anything that moves.

    "Bad World" spoofs the Gears of War Mad World trailer. In it, Sweetwater can be heard singing the song as Haggard runs through a bombed out street, almost in similar fashion to the Mad World trailer. Just before the end of the song, Haggard stops and turns to see Sweetwater telling him repeatedly to shut up and comments that he doesn't understand that last part of the song.

    And last "Snake Eyes" spoofs the Metal Gear series. In it, Sweetwater is seen aiming his weapon at a barrel with the rest of the squad asking him what the problem is. He proceeds to tell them that he saw a man with a eye patch (presumably Solid Snake) in the drum barrel. The squad seems to brush it off just as the barrel moves with the trademark "!" appearing overhead. At this point Haggard grabs a grenade launcher and fires at the barrel launching the occupant (off camera) through the air. Afterwards Haggard finds an eye patch on the ground.

    The Bad World trailer can be seen here, The Snake Eyes trailer here and the Rainbow Sprinkles trailer here.

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