Battlestar Galactica Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

The game starts with a cinematic introduction that sets the scene and backstory for the game. It ends with a surprise Cylon attack on the Galactica
The title screen
The main menu
Not much to see here
Starting a new game
First the player supplies a three character player id and selects a difficulty level, just Normal & Expert to choose from, then this menu pops up
The Flight Manual section of the game menu has three sections, Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each has sub-screens that use graphics to explain the controls
The game has three controller configurations, neither of which is customisable
The game has lots of unlockable content.
Flying a Viper defending the Galactica from a surprise attack
The missions can be paused so that objectives can be reviewed, missiles can be configured and stats can be examined

Xbox version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Defending the Galactica from Raiders.
Missiles locked on to multiple Raiders.
Using the guns. The smaller crosshair shows where to shoot.
Missiles hit true. Eat that, you frackin' toaster!
Missiles can be re-configured/rebalanced at any time.
Slide from the on-disc manual.
Unlockables for strong performance.
Still of unlockable concept art.
Cylon ambush. Whole lot of them!
Shoot the troop carriers before they can dock with the Galactica.
Optional cockpit view.
Taking on a Basestar.
Hitting the afterburners to get away in time.
End of level grading screen.