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BattleTech: The Crescent Hawk's Inception Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Company opening screen.
Main Title
First time playing BattleTech.
Starting the game requires of you to go for some training before you get out on frontline.
Ingame/Main Menu
Inside the citadel.
Game gives you detailed information about everything you do.It's very user-friendly and introductive.
Browsing through the shelves of a weapon store.
Overview of the grand map for what you've currently uncovered.
Checking your character's stats.

Apple II version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Start of the game.
Your character's stats. Your character is pretty much an unskilled bum right now which is not surprising since this is the start of the game.
Inside The Citadel.
Do you enter the lounge?
Do you enter the weapon shop?
Inside the weapon shop.
Copy protection check - identify mech parts.
A training mission.

Atari ST version

Title screen
In the base - on foot
Character skills
Map overview
Most of locations is text-only
More text
Let's check this building
BattleMech repair center
Objective of the first mission
Finally - Mech!
This one is called "Wisp"
First mission and first success

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Starting location
Inside the citadel
In the Comstar back
In the barracks
Before you train on the 'Mech, you have to identify 3 parts of a 'Mech.
And now, 'Mech training.
At the starting location for 'Mech training.
"Jason Youngblood, report to the Mechwarrior Training Center"
Second 'Mech training briefing.
'Mech combat
Hitting him with my lasers
Combat animations
Mission complete and returning to base.

DOS version

Main title
Visiting Katrina
At the ComStar station
In the arena
After winning at the arena
Leaving the Starport
In battle
A battle outtake
Title screen (CGA)
Beginning a new game in front of the citadel. (CGA)
Visiting House Steiner. (CGA)
I'm entering the barracks now. (CGA)
Inside the Mechit-Lube (CGA)
Giving orders during the battle. (CGA)
Mech status (CGA)
Battle - Mech has been hit!
Kurita Mechs are attacking!
Character stats.
Wondering through the wasteland left over from the Kurita attack.
Battle on foot.
Getting mad!
Crossing the landscape by foot and attacked by enemies on the way.
Exploring the Star Port.
The Kurita are taking over your planet!
I'm about to get hit!
Mech vs. Mech in the Arena!
Investing in stocks.
Meeting a fellow Crescent Hawk agent.
Looting enemies after a successful fight.
A town near the water.
Watching a film at the theater.
Over head map.
At a weapon's shop.
The Star League cache maze.
Found my father's mech!
Your father's mech is in the maze.
Near the power generator system.
The map room.