Battletoads Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Plan A
One of the toads lands on the surface
Level 1
Killed by that robot
Using a weapon to smash enemies
Sucking down a fly
Riding a dragon
Using its fireball to flame enemies
Hurling a huge rock at the machine
Smashed the machine
The Dark Queen taunts you in between levels
Level 2
Hurt by a man-eating plant
Level 3
Flying through lasers can be hazardous to your health
"Get this gunk off me!"
Plan B
Level 4
Behind you

Amiga CD32 version

Title screen.
The Dark Lady.
Introducing the Battletoads: Pimple ...
... Rash ...
and Zitz. Nasty bunch!
The plan for the the first level.
Getting a beating from some weird machine.

Game Boy version

Title Screen
Cut Scene
First Level
First Level Boss
Second Level
Third Level
Fourth Level
Fifth Level
Sixth Level
Seventh (and final) Level

Game Gear version

Title Screen
Axe wielding baddie
Two holes
Tall guy
Attacking with pole
Eating Flies
Level 1 Boss
Level 1 Boss Fight

Genesis version

Why is that the bad girls are always so sexy? ;)
Starting a level
Fighting a robot
This goblin, or whatever it is, kicks my butt
Boss battle. Grasp a ball and throw it at the aim
Hive level
How about warping 2 levels
Level 3
Stop stealing my hit points
The dreaded turbo tunnel

NES version

Title screen.
Japan Title screen
Beginning Mission screen
Impressive drawing (consider it's NES)
Story unfolds between levels
Toad freaks when he sees giant robot.
Fighting the level 1 boss.
Toads swings about on a rope.
Whatever that's supposed to be!?
Didn't quite make it.
Turbo Tunnel, level 3-- space invaders come to take away your power bars; stop them before they succeed
Much of the Turbo Tunnel consists of racing through on a turbo bike and dodging obstacles
The Arctic Caverns, level 4, comprise the obligatory platformer ice level, but done exceptionally well-- this is a malicious snowman
Reduce a snowman into a pile of snowballs for your own offensive use
Much of Surf City, level 5, is on a surf board down a river-- dodge the whirlpools and mines
Halfway (that's right-- halfway) through level 5 is a miniboss
After the miniboss, surf's up again
Karnath's Lair, level 6-- negotiating the snakes
The snake level-- one of the toughest levels of any video game ever
Volkmire's Inferno, level 7, starts out with a nice crystalline background
And quickly turns into the fire realm where you pilot a jet through deadly fireballs and firewalls
The Intruder Excluder, level 8, is where you make your way up some sort of power plant
At the top of the plant is another mini-boss
Terra Tubes, level 9-- more public utility action, this time in the sewer
Face sharks, piranhas, and the most deadly of aquatic adversaries, the rubber ducky!
Rat Race, level 10 is a long drop down another tube, all the while being pursued by a homicidal rodent whom you will confront at the bottom
Clinger Winger, level 11, puts you on a jet unicycle as you race to outrun a deadly spiral wheel-- that you get to fight anyway at the end of the level
The Revolution (level 12) is where you journey to the top of a tall cylindrical tower; hang on tight or this windbag will blow you off the edge
At the top of the tower