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Last Ninja 2: Back with a Vengeance Screenshots (BBC Micro)

User Screenshots

BBC Micro version

Loading Screen.
Title Screen.
Level 1, "The Park": Title screen level.
Level 1, "The Park": Transporting assets area.
While Armakuni was awakening from his unconsciousness he noticed he was surrounded by objects that resembled musical instruments.
Level 1, "The Park": Backstage.
The key for the gate lies ahead.
Level 1, "The Park": A fight with a thug disguised as a Policeman.
Level 1, "The Park": The .
There is a new necessary object to be found to allow the ninja to climb certain structures, therefore to reach this scenario.
Level 1, "The Park": Platforms in a river.
Comparing with the other versions, the boat was substituted by platforms.
Level 1, "The Park": Cluster of platforms.
Again, the boat was substituted with this cluster of platforms on the BBC version.
Level 1, "The Park": Level complete.
Level 2, "The Street": Title screen level.
Level 2, "The Street": Starting Point.
Level 2, "The Street": Oriental store doorman.
A thug is defending the entrance to this place, where the sabre is located.
Level 2, "The Street": The Oriental store.
I think it is a store, or could it be a gym-store? Or a store-gym? A Yakuza recreation center maybe?
Level 2, "The Street": Eat's.
"Eat's" exist all over the world.
Level 2, "The Street": Phone booth.
This is where Armakuni changes his clothing and becomes civil.
Level 2, "The Street": Unknown door.
This is where Armakuni makes his escapades during the night.
Level 2, "The Street": The Manhole.
One step to go down "The Sewers".
Level 3, "The Sewers": Title screen level.
Level 3, "The Sewers": Starting point.
Level 3, "The Sewers": Manhole key.
Level 3, "The Sewers": A tough fight.
Taking a beating.
Level 3, "The Sewers": Kunitoki's Ninjas
If the last fight was tough, this one is concrete.
Level 3, "The Sewers": Which door?
- Man, you guys are all sensitive... I was just asking your mate if you belong to the same clan of Scorpion, or simply like to dress as women...
Level 3, "The Sewers": The eternal question, Alligator or Crocodile?
Level 4, "The Cellar": Title screen level.
Level 4, "The Cellar": Starting Point.
Level 4, "The Cellar": The Chicken's leg.
- Don't they have any refrigerators around?
Level 4, "The Cellar": Container's jumping.
No thug blocking the passage in this version.
Level 4, "The Cellar": Illegal stuff.
- I wonder what these apparatus are meant for...
Level 4, "The Cellar": Merchandise.
- Most probably they are profiting on some illegal operations...
Level 4, "The Cellar":!
- Tell me pal, are they feeding you properly?... (hesitation) Do you have any kinship with Homer Simpson?
Level 4, "The Cellar": Elevator room.
The passage to "The Office". Only with the special card found at the beginning of the level.
Level 5, "The Office": Title screen level.
Level 5, "The Office": Starting point.
Level 5, "The Office": Password.
Level 5, "The Office": The Hall.
- A Shuriken awaiting to be picked... What it is typewritten over there? (vague allusion to Shining)
Level 5, "The Office": Diversion.
Good looking office but nothing useful. Every piece of energy has to be preserved. There was a confrontation previously, wasting a life of the player.
Level 5, "The Office": Special Katana.
The Katana is merely decorative, although it makes the connection to a secret passage
Level 5, "The Office": Access to the facade.
This door leads to the outside of the building and the security increases as we are getting close to the roof.
Level 5, "The Office": Intense Fights outside.
More two scenarios to go through before the escaping flight on the roof. There are more thugs waiting for us before that.
Level 6, "Kunitoki Castle": Title screen level.
Level 6, "Kunitoki Castle": Starting Point.
The Inner Circle transported Armakuni to the roof of Kunitoki's Castle.
Level 6, "Kunitoki Castle": Swift entrance.
Like a lightning through the window, Armakuni flashes a Shuriken directly to the heart of Scorpion...
Level 6, "Kunitoki Castle": Insight.
A few moments of meditation. Armakuni feels he is very close to Kunitoki's domains.
- Man, last day I asked your bro the same question about Scorpio and he also acted like this... you guys must be frustrated or something...
Level 6, "Kunitoki Castle": Like a feline.
Like a mute arrow Armakuni goes straight to his nemesis chamber.
Level 6, "Kunitoki Castle": Showdown.
Armakuni being beaten up. Kunitoki has to be situated in the centre of the pentagon to be defeated.
Victory: "Kunitoki lies here defeated".