BCV: Battle Construction Vehicles Screenshots

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PlayStation 2 version

The game's title screen
This is followed by an animated introduction presented in a cartoon style
The animated introduction is drawn in a cartoon style. This is Hayato Kong, the hero of the game, shown in an agitated state as he battles a crane in his bulldozer
This is the gang Hayato eventually agrees to lead, it's the last scene of the introduction
Initially the player does not see a main menu. The first mission starts right after the introduction, wise old Kazukiro Danoura tries to convince Hayato to take over his dead fathers business
The first battle. Hayato isn't interested in taking over dad's business so Kazukiro Danoura challenges him to a battle
The start of the first battle. The number top and centre is a countdown clock. The two figures show the health of the combatants
In battle pressing CROSS invokes Hayato's defence
The camera angle changes often and automatically. It's very fluid and caused no problems
At some point within the battle one or more of the characters will initiate their special move
When a special move is initiated the game plays a cut scene. This is Hayato's 'Iron Supplement' move where he batters the opponent into a solid cube. In the game though the vehicle is just damaged
When a special move is initiated the game plays a cut scene. This is Danoura's 'Crane Sword' move.