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The Andromedan Armed Condors are a rare goggled breed of bird due to the fact that they breed and lay their eggs on the hostile planet Crackit. The local population called Eggsnatchers don't like the birds on their planet and so attempt to disrupt the breeding program by destroying the eggs that are laid. You are one such condor called Beaky who must try to protect the eggs so that they hatch and then make sure the chicks are protected from the various creatures. Beaky is full of magic shown by a bar on the bottom left of the screen and if Beaky touches a creature then this decreases but it does destroy the creature and if the bar empties then it is game over. Beaky also has the ability to spit to shoot and destroy the creatures. Beaky and the Egg Snatchers is a single screen game viewed from the side spread over various levels with each level split into three phases and the phases are, Egg Collecting, Egg Brooding and Chick Rearing:

Phase One: On various platforms are ten eggs and they need to be put into your nest but the problem is that they cannot be picked up, so the only solution is to let Eggsnatchers appear and pick them up. You shoot the Eggsnatchers when they have an egg but they will drop the egg and you must collect the egg before it hits the ground or platform. Once an egg is caught, you turn yellow and you can place it in your nest. Any eggs that are taken by an Eggsnatcher or hit the ground/platform reappear again on it's original place on a platform. Once one egg is in the nest you can decide whether to move on to the next phase or keep collecting eggs as your magic bar doesn't increase on a new phase.

Phase Two: You now have a nest with an egg or eggs in but you must keep the eggs warm while a timer counts down. A snowflake falls from the top of the screen over the nest and when shot turns into a droplet, when the droplet turns blue it can be shot because if the droplet or snowflake hits the nest then a temperature bar decreases and when it empties an egg is removed from the nest. A Froogle appears sleeping and must not be touched as it will disappear emitting a burst of dark magic which decreases your magic. When the Froogle wakes it bounces around dropping nitrogen bombs which decreases the temperature bar and if touched also decreases your magic. To remove the Froogle you can shoot a spinning disc when it moves above the Froogle which drops a nucleus which removes the Froogle. Once the timer bar has emptied then you move to the next phase.

Phase Three: Your egg/eggs have hatched into a chick/chicks but the danger isn't over yet as the chick now needs feeding and protecting while a timer decreases. Each chick has a feed bar which decreases as the chicks get hungry and you must collect flying worms where you turn green and you can now feed the chick to keep the feed bar full. Also on screen is another Eggsnatcher which drops bombs on the nest decreasing the feed bar but these can be shot to remove them and if you touch one then your magic bar decreases. Once the time has emptied then the phase is complete and you move to the next level to start the process all over again but this time harder.


Beaky and the Egg Snatchers ZX Spectrum Keep the egg warm
Beaky and the Egg Snatchers ZX Spectrum Shoot the monsters when they have an egg
Beaky and the Egg Snatchers Commodore 64 Shoot the monsters once an egg is collected
Beaky and the Egg Snatchers Commodore 64 Feed the chicks

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