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Beat the House Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen.
Copy protection.
Main game casino/game select screen.
Choosing a craps table.
Playing craps.
Picking a Blackjack table.
Playing Blackjack.
Placing my bet on the Roulette table.
The spin!
Selecting a one-armed-bandit.
A four reel game of slots.
The reels spin on a three reel machine.
Picking a Video Poker machine.
A pan down shows you the rules and wins possible on this particular machine.
I won some money finally!
Signing the registry book. I'm not really sure why... You can also turn on and off that lamp as well as ring the bell. They both work but don't really do anything.

Windows 3.x version

Title screen
Copy protection
Choose which level of Blackjack you're playing at.
Blackjack table
Craps table
Slot machines
Close-up on a one-armed bandit (dig the "Interplay"-minted coin!)
Video poker selection
Close-up on a video poker game