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Beats of Rage Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Kula fights against a first enemy.
Hair hit ;D
More enemies (and Angel from the KOF series too)
Painful kick in cojones
Three on one - typical beat' em up situation
Money and apple. Deja vu? :D
Next level
Somebody will fall in hole
Strong punch in breast
Slap in the face!
Two on one hit. Nice.
Game Over
Good technique
Another painful punch
That's hurt!
In air
Like a ... ok, enemies are over-represented.
Mandy and Angel - First level boss
Title Screen

PlayStation 2 version

Loading screen.
Title screen.
Scrolling story introducion.
Character selection.
Starting the game using Kula.
Flattening an enemy with a high kick.
Using Max to grapple an enemy.
Found this chicken under a rubbish bin.
Level 2 - in the restaurant.
Max taking a beating.

PSP version

Loading splash screen.
Story introduction.
Title screen.
Character select.
Starting the game as Mandy.
Throwing an enemy across the screen.
Performing a special move. This will drain some of your own energy.
High kicking in the club (2nd level).
PSP options screen.
Finding some items after smashing a table.
Back on the streets (level 3).
The level 3 boss.