Betrayal in Antara Screenshots

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Windows version

Screen title
Main menu
Every saved mission contains a small picture to help you with a selection.
When you kill an enemy, you can pick up its equipment.
Beside 1st person walking, you can move your party that way, only you won't be able to see your enemies like this.
The whole map (bottom left you can see you chapter's quest).
Enemy ahead
When you mouse down, you can see your party, health, and other menus.
Fighting the underground tentacles (fighting is turn-based).
Such book pages appear as cutscenes between chapters
Item descriptions are interesting and often humorous
Skill learning. Your "emphasized" skills are shown on the pie chart
Here you mix elements to create new spells
Most towns can be physically explored and are shown with in-game 3D
One of the many beautiful drawings of house interiors. Every tavern looks different!
Buying interface. Note all the interesting items - they all have their uses!
A forest area is ahead
Use lockpicks to unlock treasure chests
You can use bows for long-ranged attacks
Some NPCs have topic-based conversation
Visiting a very Jewish-looking armor seller!
A typical temple
There aren't many dungeons in the game. Here is one of them, a cave lit by our torch
Aren is blasting those animals with static charges
Side quests are plentiful, and often very well-written
There are many "riddle chests". Solve the riddle - get your reward!
A nocturnal battle in a forest
In some shops you can snatch some items!
Spell menu - lots of interesting spells to learn!
Casting protective fire ring
Some big cities are displayed as such maps only
Visiting a library
Loading screen
Crossing a bridge into a new land...
A busy marketplace in one of the towns
Trying to use a bag on an NPC...
Chest interface
I think you haven't had a shower for a long time!
Suspicious noblemen, intrigues, etc.
A lone church is ahead
Hmm... Wookies??..
Ticoro, a large city. Main square
Stay and study science with us, my friend!

Windows 3.x version

Title screen
Main menu
Animated CG intro
Such semi-still book-like stylized videos appear in the beginning and end of every chapter
Starting location. Note the full-screen view, as opposed to Krondor
Almost all the towns in the game are done with in-game 3D and can be navigated freely
The game has a tremendous amount of dialogue, and it is all different. This is just a conversation with one of the many NPCs in one of the many towns
Camp menu. Note that the party is fatigued
Inventory screen. Hey, check out all those nifty items!
Skill learning. The pie chart shows nicely what exactly you are aiming for
Spell creation menu for the game's only mage, Aren
You can view this map at any time - very handy!
Battle! Kaelyn, your only ranger, is aiming a bow at the enemy. Note the different types of arrows at her disposal
A quiet shop in a quiet town. The graphics for all the shops in all the towns are different. And there are LOTS of them
An example of item usage. Try clicking the shovel on that place to dig - and hopefully find treasure!
Places of interest have fancy names. "Flawless Stones", really?..
Spell menu. Aren is cool with static charges
One of the game's very few dungeons - an optional cave
One of the few different generic messages appearing after combat
Treasure chest interface
Fighting menacing sand worms... or whatever those guys are
Only a few cities are supposed to be so big that you can't physically navigate them - instead you get this menu
One of the female NPCs is clearly hitting on our hero!..
One of the many different-looking weapon shops
Loading screen
You'll travel to the North later in the game. Note how the nature changes... and there are snowy mountains ahead
The zoomed-in map can be navigated - good when you are tired of the 3D
Ticoro, one of the game's largest cities. Main square
Battle in a city! Aren is casting web on the enemy!
One of the "puzzle chests". Solve the puzzle - get the treasure!
Battle at night. Attack in progress
Some important NPCs have such dialogue trees
Hmm... now that was easy, wasn't it?
There aren't only humans in this world. This is Raal, who will later become your companion
A lovely view with a meadow, pool, lake, remote mountains, and a city looming ahead
Mountain pass
Northern forest pass
Watching a show in an amphitheater
Tougher enemies on the road
A bridge and enemy corposes
Beautiful day - sunrise in this mountain area
Some of the sub-quests are pretty funny
One of the game's many temples
So this is an inn of that particular cat-egory...