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PlayStation 3 version

Manual - Game comes with a digital manual that needs to be installed in order to read it.
Manual - Game supports some pretty unique featured for two-player mode.
Main title.
Main menu.
Each memory can be replayed after reached in the story progress.
Jodie's house when she was a child.
Exploring the house.
Interacting with objects require you pointing analogue stick in the object's direction.
Jodie's childhood was spent in the Department of Paranormal Activities.
With Aiden's help, Jodie can sometimes convey the words of the dead.
Selecting the radio station.
Hanging out with other kinds your age may not be such a good thing after all.
Dr. Dawkins is the closest thing Jodie has to a father figure.
Rebellious times.
Aiden possessing Cole to help Jodie leave the premises.
A dangerous place to be at.
Something horrible has happened and only Jodie can put an end to it.
Sometimes it may feel like playing a horror-survival game.
Fighting tutorial.
Quick-time event to solve an equation... now that's original.
Aiden can sometimes heal Jodie's injuries.
Deciding about a dinner for a date tonight.
Mission briefing.
Love in this game is optional, fight isn't.
Time to jump.
Sneaking past the enemy combatants.
Disarming the enemy soldier.
Trying to outrun the police on top of a speeding train.
Nice doggie.
Aiden can provide Jodie with a shield against bullets and high falls.
Taking out the SWAT team, Aiden-style.
Jodie's life as a homeless.
Need to get a few bucks if you wanna eat.
Taking on a bunch of thugs.
Local police trying to find out what happened to you.
In the middle of nowhere.
Ranch in the desert... maybe they'll let you sleep over.
Something strange is happening at ranch every night.
Earning your stay.
Going through a deep snow.
Time to play with some kids your age
This douche is flirting with you but with very bad intentions
Teenage Jodie in her room
Coming to this place was a bad decision
CIA operative training area
The shower scene is very camera shy as it were
Fighting the cops on a speeding train
Possessing one of the SWAT members
Jodie contemplating to end her life
Earning some money with a guitar play

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