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Beyond Zork: The Coconut of Quendor Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Starting options - BEGIN, RESTORE or QUIT.
Character Setup menu.
Designing a character.
Start of the game on a hilltop.
An inscription.
It looks like this sword is currently out of my price range.
Checking inventory.
Inside the Rusty Lantern.
There's a giant onion in the kitchen.
Fighting with an rat-ant.
It is dark, and I'm likely to be eaten by a Grue - how reassuring!
Killed by an evil puppet - how embarrassing!
main menu
title screen
character selection
game starts

Apple II version

An age Beyond Magic and Science
Title Screen
Main Menu
Character Creation
Starting Atop a Hill
Descending to Town
A Clue
Outside a Pub
Within the Rusty Lantern

Apple IIgs version

Title Screen
Starting Atop a Hilltop
Outside the Pub
Inside the Pub

Atari ST version

Splash screen
Title screen
Start menu
Generating a new character, RPG-style
Customizing the well-balanced character
Starting location
Following tutorial commands
Things are feeling more like normal now!
That was an obvious joke
Ooh, a riddle!
Curse you, tutorial!
This doesn't bode well...
The enemy of my enemy...
Well, is still my enemy.

Commodore 128 version

Title screen
Intro text
Character creation menu
Start of the game (palette 1)
Visiting Accardi. I've also zoomed out the map (palette 2)
Outside the Guild of Enchanters - I just lost endurance (palette 3)
In a pub, bandits are here (palette 4)

DOS version

Opening Screen
Starting location -- note the crude automap
Viewing your character's status
You can define the function keys... Yeah!
You can give weapons or animals a unique name! Cool!
I know I should have paid attention in school...
I'm the king of the world!

Macintosh version

Title screen
Main menu
Game start
Auto mapping