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Advertising Blurbs
    Return to the roads in your trusty truck as Empire's game of wheeling and dealing returns.

    The sequel to the million-selling Big Mutha Truckers carries on the memorable tale of Ma
    Jackson's haulage company. When Ma is incarcerated for tax evasion, you must raise the
    funds necessary to bribe her jurors by wheeling, dealing, trucking and trading.

    The 'go anywhere, anytime' philosophy of the original game is extended in Big Mutha
    Truckers 2, allowing players to fully explore the highways and back roads of the
    expansive environment in their search for the best deals.

    Hilarious characters and a refreshingly different take on the driving genre make Big Mutha
    Truckers 2 a treat for fans and newcomers alike.

    • Sequel to the popular Big Mutha Truckers

    • Earn cash by trading with a memorable cast of comedy characters

    • Non-linear design allows for full exploration of highways and byways

    Contributed by DreinIX (10672) on Mar 07, 2008. -- Official game's website :
    Game overview

    Ma Jackson, Hick State County's most infamous trucker, has been incarcerated on charges of tax evasion, 7,973 parking tickets, numerous health and safety violations and six counts of being a comedy stereotype!

    Imprisoned, Ma's only hope lies with her kids. It's up to them to locate 6 members of the jury that are to try Ma and bribe them.

    And so, Bobbie-Sue, Cletus, Earl and Rawkus set off once again to buy and sell goods around the state, running special errands for those in "need" and getting into all sorts of trouble in Hick State County's less savoury parts!

    • 4 playable characters, each with unique paths to explore
    • Arcade racing through an improved and sprawling Hick State County, with a plot driven main game and a variety of Special Missions
    • Over 20 interactive NPC's to bring life and soul to the environment and missions
    • All-new Special Missions take the Mutha Truckers out of trucks and into a variety of different themed vehicles
    • New threats to truckers include Alien probings and truckin' rivals, along with favourites like Bikers and police
    • Turn the radio up! Hick State County's finest radio stations offer the best music from the region. Hot Dang!!

    Contributed by Wizo (29562) on Apr 17, 2006.