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Biggles Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen and main menu. Choose 'Time Warp' or 'The Secret Weapon'.
Loading screen for 'Time Warp'
Flying along in your biplane.
An enemy plane in sight.
On rooftops.
Ground warfare.
Enter password for 'The Secret Weapon'.
Flying in first-person view.

Commodore 64 version

The biplane game
Nothing but tanks here
Bombs Away!
Tank destroyed
Biplane has been hit
The lightning means that you are progressing to the next section
From riding the biplane to navigating the rooftops
Jumping from roof to roof
You have to deal with the guard
A person looks out the window at the action that is unfolding before their eyes
From the rooftops to running around on the ground
Navigating a ladder
This way is blocked by a brick wall
Launched a grenade into the air
Enter password for next section
Afterburner, anyone?
Tilting the plane

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Control options
Start of the biplane game
Start of the roof-jumping
Missed him
Biggles has done it, now Jim has to
Fell to my death
Onto screen 2
Start of the side-scrolling shooter
Down to get the grenades
Lots of foes here
Part 2 loading screen
You did get the code in part 1, right?
In the air
Taking aim