Advertising Blurbs

Advertisement in Computer Gaming World, March 1991:


    Throw it into gear and let it scream. Konami presents the most authentic NASCAR endorsed simulation to race your computer circuits. Co-designed by Winston Cup Champion Bill Elliott and Distinctive Software, creator of Test Drive and The Duel, this tests your stock car mettle on eight official, perfectly scaled NASCAR tracks like Daytona, Talladega and Watkins Glen. Bit map graphics and a scaling technique are combined to create cars so real that you can even read the car's make when you go bumper to bumper.

    Modify your stock car to each track then drop the hammer on Bill Elliott and a field of NASCAR's finest in single races or compete for the Cup in the Championship Season.

    This simulation has one of the most comprehensive instant replays ever. You can play back the action from six camera positions (with zooms) including a never before seen three quarter tower perspective. You'll also view your realistic pit team from a crew chief's perspective as you choose from seven different maintenance options and watch them scramble to save seconds.

    Then test your skills against a field of game players in Bill Elliott's NASCAR Challenge Contest. Send in your highest score and you could win a trip for two to the 1992 Daytona 500 to meet Bill Elliott and compete with two other contest winners in a simulation race for a 1992 Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe! Even if you don't have the point standings for Daytona, you can win a Bill Elliott remote control stock car or genuine Bill Elliott/Konami racing jacket.

    So buckle up for safety and buckle down for Daytona. Bill awaits your challenge!

    Contributed by Belboz (6576) on Nov 03, 2001.