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Biolab Disaster Screenshots

User Screenshots

Browser version

Title screen
Oh no, the lab is going to collapse!
Everything seems peaceful, right?
Those guys fire in three directions, jump carefully!
Two deaths later, I'm finally made it to the top.
After death, you will restart at checkpoints.
Beware of the mines!
Hazardous environment
Blobs die in funny ways, with a lot of particles.
First level complete
Those purple LEGO guys have blasters to.
What is a game without crates?
Deadly combination, indeed.
Drop, drop. You are dead.
Also, they are invincible.
Oh, the lift! You have to kill guy first.
You can collect tubes with something gold inside. Probably honey.
I have to wait until the moving platform arrives beneath me.
I died 20 times here. The purple monster below launches difficult to evade grenades.
Time your jumps accurately!
The glass cover is destroyed...
...and I've teleported away!