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Bionic Commando Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Your mission begins here...
Nice uniform color!
End of Stage 1
Stage 2, some wood structure
Metal paneling
Donkey Kong-inspired enemy
Falling down a shaft
A series of tubes
Giant mecha
Dictator boss
Helicopter and mecha

Amstrad CPC version

Parachuting down to the ground
Stage 1
First of the enemies
The path ahead is blocked by a gate
Falling down
Using he mechanical arm to cling onto the platform above
Watch out for the bird
Stage complete
Stage 2
Beware the cannonball
You are about to be electrocuted

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Start the level.
Shoot the soldiers.
Using your hook to move up to higher platforms.
Getting higher.
Base is upwards.
Watch the spikes.
Swinging across.
End of stage 1.
Stage 2.
Guns to watch out for.
Shoot him.
Behind you.
Electric cable
Enemy old build
Deadly boxes
Stage 3
Green creatures
Close combat
Giant robot
Walking robots
Stage 4
Tall enemy

Atari ST version

Title screen
Starting level one
The way is blocked!
Lots of enemies
I guess it's not a secret base...
Game over
Got a high score!

Commodore 64 version

Parachuting down to the surface
Don't mess with the hive. There are bees in there (duh)
Knocked down by a purple guard
Watch out for the pointing finger above you
Get the medal
Shoot the blue barrier to continue
There's an electrical charge behind you
"You know what, throwing crates at someone isn't very nice"
Falling down...
Cute little critters, aren't they?
"Who are you?"
A huge robot
Too bad...
Defeat those guys
Control Tower
What's that helicopter doing there?
Defeat those guys
Mini guards
Stop the missile
Name Entry
Loader (U.S. version)
Main menu (U.S. version)

DOS version

Introduction of Production for this game.
Title screen (EGA)
The main menu (EGA)
Loading Level 1 (EGA)
The game begins here (EGA)
A variety of platforms and gaps to get past... (EGA)
Numerous guards wandering about! (EGA)
Climbing by rope (EGA)
High Scores (EGA)
Title screen (CGA)
The main menu (CGA)
The game begins here (CGA)
Climbing by rope (CGA)
High Scores (CGA)

ZX Spectrum version

Title screen
Main menu
Starting out
Using my bionic arm
Enemy waits for me
Over the mine
Don't go higher
Destroy this.
Restore on parachute