Bionicle Heroes Screenshots

User Screenshots

GameCube version

Title screen

PlayStation 2 version

This title screen comes after the animated sequences

Promo version
The game starts with a short animation showing the bad guys Promo version
After some company logos there's a short cinematic sequence in which a canister gets washed up on an island shore where the occupant is welcomes as the hero who will defeat the baddies
The game's main menu

Promo version
The start of the game. Down that tunnel is the nexus where there are gateways to the boss baddies
At the start location is a shop where items can be purchased. The top row contains hints, the middle row are goodies, and the bottom row are masks
The game displays information messages like this. Ahead is the place containing the gateways to each level Promo version
Of course, at the start of the game most of the levels are locked Promo version
On entering a gateway the player is told what it's called and what there is to collect Promo version
This is the boss of the current level. After this there's a short animation showing what he can do Promo version
Throughout the game there are areas with this blue aura. The player can only interact with them while wearing the right mask Promo version
The green laser thing is the game's targeting system. It automatically locks onto the nearest target which is handy Promo version
Here we are wearing the right mask so holding down the circle will cause the cog wheels to do their thing and open the gate Promo version
Some masks are not around when needed meaning the player will need to revisit this location
Killing stuff is good. Killing lots of stuff gets rewarded Promo version
It was only when I reached a checkpoint that I realised how long I'd been playing. Wouldn't want to have to replay all of that again Promo version
Masks change weapons for example the red one shoots fire, the white one ice. Masks also give abilities e.g. one allows the player to cross water, this black one lets the player climb Promo version
The chamber of the end of level boss. Lots of spider things in here Promo version
This is not a good thing. As the player takes damage they lose some of their masks Promo version
Scratch one boss. The thing that looks like a piece of sweet corn is the creature that inhabited it Promo version
At the end of the level the player has recovered two silver canisters and collected lots of Lego pieces The blue disc is a medal Promo version
Back in the nexus the player gets a reminder to spend their credits to upgrade and unlock other areas Promo version
After playing for ages and completing a level the player unlocks the trophy room. Here we learn that only 1% of the game has been completed. It's going to be a long, long night

Windows version

Title screen.
Jaller in the hub.

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