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PlayStation 2 version

The game starts with a warning
There's no title screen. After an animated introductory video the game goes straight to the menu
When the fighters land enough punches they acquire power ups.
Worth knowing what these are before the fight.
From the main menu there's a Setup option which gives the player access to Sound, game configuration, player controls such as this, and Cheat codes can be entered there
Player Training is fighting against a robot
The training option has the player follow a sequence of commands while pummelling a robot
A One Player fight starts with the player selecting their fighter and the game has paired Nadine to fight Nadine
Here the both players have power ups
When a player is knocked down they must press CROSS a lot in order to wake up their character
When both players are using power ups it can be hard to see where to aim your punch
The Boxer's Life is an option from the main menu. Each one is a chapter in their life story that ends in a fight. Winning the fight unlocks the next chapter

Official Screenshots

  • Black & Bruised Screenshot
    Sony E3 2002 press kit
  • Black & Bruised Screenshot
    Sony E3 2002 press kit