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The Black Onyx Screenshots

User Screenshots

MSX version

Title screen
Main menu
Creating a character
And off we go!
Why not? And who the hell are you?
Encountering a fellow adventurer... combat options
A yellow gate...
Nice options there...
Wow, met a large party of adventurers

NES version

Title screen
Creating a character
Tower entrance
View of the tower
How about a solo quest?..
Character information
In front of a door
Met a random mage
You can view the enemy's stats

PC-6001 version

Title screen

PC-88 version

Copyright screen + monitor choice: color or black/white
Title screen
Character creation. Looks like Mobovich is heading to the beach :)
My party, the greatest heroes ever: the White Russian berserker Mobovich, the Scandinavian half-elf Mobelia, the Israeli tech specialist Mobman, and the Italian tenor Mobetto!
You can't enter this gate. Why? Who knows
Battle! Attack or Run! Talking brings nothing!
Heated battle for grog! :)
Buying armor
That's our room? Where's the furniture?..
At least they've got tourist information

SG-1000 version