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atari breakout

Black Out! Screenshots (Jaguar)

User Screenshots

Jaguar version

Copyright screen
Please support the homebrew developers by buying their releases
Yeah, this is not your everyday company logo introduction...
Title screen
Menu screen, barebones at first glance...
Options screen - Here, you can set up the SFX & Volume levels, see the controls and set up the the difficulty level.
Introduction to Toxicity. the first stage of the game
You need to turn off the lights on the grid. So, think of the game as a mix of both Magic Squares from Merlin by Parker Brothers and Lights Out by Tiger Electronics.
First level of Stage 1 completed
Try to find the best way to turn off the lights in the least amount of moves as possible, which is crucial on Hard mode.
Depending on your performance, you'll get either of the 2 power ups that will help you on difficult situations, such as the Freeze Timer
Stage 1 - Level 3
Another one of the two power ups: the Bomb.
Stage 1 - Level 4
Stage 1 completed
Score tally
Introduction to Blizzard, the second stage of the game
Don't try to pause the game, as it will mock you for doing so...
Nope, don't keep trying...
It's no use...
If you're running out of time, press 1 on the keypad to freeze time.
Using the Bomb...By the way, good luck trying to figure out how to clear this level on Stage 2 with less than 5 moves.
Introduction to Deep Blue, the third stage of the game
Little fishes minding their own business while you're banging your head on the table figuring out the correct pattern.
Stage 3 - Level 2
Introduction to Oasis, the fourth and last stage of the game...or is it?
This is where the grids will get devilish in their patterns

Official Screenshots

  • Black Out! Screenshot Title Screen
    Black Out! - Announcement
    Black Out! - Announcement
  • Black Out! Screenshot Gameplay Screenshot
    Black Out! - Announcement
    Black Out! - Announcement