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Windows version

Birth of a God. Saving this little boy from sharks is the first of many requests your followers will ask of you.
Your Temple. A place of worship for your followers and a place of information for you.
Monkeys, Tigers, and Cows Oh My! Your initial selection of creatures. You can swap your creature's physical form later on.
Miracle Forest and Sunrise
Lakeside and Cow
what everybody is doing
the sheep's silver scroll
learning the power of leashes
nice reflections on the water
the singing stones quest
a general view of the first level
the creature cave
creature's abilities and details
worshiping at the temple gives miracles power
people like to breed and expand, they're never happy
mountain village is believing in us
an silver scroll which made snow appear
the Egyptian circus is slavering people!
I want you to be a builder, build that!
The gesture-based interface for casting spells

Official Screenshots

  • Black & White Screenshot
    Official Press Kit - Various Artwork
    Morning Sun