PhonebookContributed by Sciere (511049) on Sep 12, 2007.

Next to the names related to the plot, there are also a few names you can look up just for fun. Lauren will give a response.

  • Chris Jones (AGS engine creator): "This isn't a British phonebook".
  • Dave Gilbert (creator): "He hasn't even been born yet."
  • Erin Robinson (artist): "This isn't a Canadian phonebook".
  • Joey Mallone: "Nope. No entry for Joey". Joey: "Trying to reach out and touch me?"
  • Rosangela Blackwell (protagonist from The Blackwell Legacy): "Nope no entry". Joey: "Who the heck is Rosa Blackwell?" Lauren: "I have no idea".
  • Russell Stone (protagonist from The Shivah): Lauren finds a listing and an option appears to call him (with the original voice actor), leading to a short conversation.

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