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    Blazing Angels® 2: Secret Missions of WWII centers on a group of elite pilots assembled from the beginning of the war into a special, secret team. They have one purpose: to take on the most difficult missions around the globe and solve any crisis that normal pilots can't handle. Soon, the squadron finds itself pitted against the most threatening enemy of them all: a secret organization within the Third Reich, engaged in the enormously ambitious plan of building the ultimate weapon, a weapon that can win the entire war by itself.

    • Over-the-Top Action: From landing directly on the streets of Paris, to dodging enemy searchlights in night missions or battling a storm over the Himalayas, there's never a dull moment in the 18 single-player missions. Each brings its own surprises, twists, and unique challenges, so you'll always be kept guessing.

    • Fly Never-Before-Seen Aircraft: Pilot over 50 authentic World War II planes, including rare prototypes like the Gotha Go 229, DH Vampire F Mk 1, Me-163 "Komet," Yak-15, J7W "Shinden," and many more.

    • Unusual Experimental Weapons: Get the advantage in combat by using experimental WWII weapons, including high-velocity cannons, self-guided and TV-guided missiles, and a completely new system - defensive weapons. These are weapons like the Tesla Coil or the Flash Blinder, which can be used on opponents behind the plane, giving dogfights, both in single player and multiplayer, an extra dimension.

    • Advanced Technology: Over 30 upgrades are available throughout the single-player campaign, varying from the Self-Sealing Fuel Tank, which gives regenerating health, to the Gyro Gunsight, which shows the best direction to shoot in order to hit a moving enemy. The better you perform during the missions, the more Prestige Points you gain to buy new upgrades.

    • Exotic WWII Settings: Engage in epic battles in some of the world's most captivating environments such as Cairo, the Himalayas, Moscow's Red Square, Rome, the Swiss Alps, the Baltic Sea Coast, and China.

    • Spectacular Visuals: Volumetric clouds, real-time shadows, procedural damage on buildings, and spectacular weather effects make the world of the game more immersive and believable.

    • Fast-Paced Multiplayer Action: Challenge up to 16 players in free-for-all, co-op, and squad-based multiplayer modes, including the all-new Epic Battle and Capture the Flag.

    Contributed by havoc of smeg (22285) on Sep 05, 2010.

Game's page at Akella website:
    • Полеты на невиданных ранее воздушных судах - в игре представлены более 50 самолетов и прототипов летающих машин (Gotha Go 229, DH Vampire F Mk 1, Me-163 "Komet", Meteor и другие).
    • Игроку предстоит использовать экспериментальное оружие времен Второй мировой войны .
    • 18 напряженных миссий, в которых игрока ждут бомбардировки мостов, похищение секретного оружия, уничтожение дирижаблей и многое другое.
    • Красивейшие места планеты как театр боевых действий: Каир, Гималаи, Красная площадь, Собор святого Петра, Швейцарские Альпы...
    • Высокий уровень графического исполнения: усовершенствованная глубина резкости изображения, кинематографические эффекты.
    • Масштабные сражения с боссами - такими как гигантский немецкий Цеппелин, который игроку предстоит сбить над пирамидами Каира...
    • Мультиплеер на 16 игроков включает режим свободных полетов, режим сражений в составе эскадрильи, а также новинки «Epic Battle» и «Capture the Flag».

    Contributed by Klaster_1 (57980) on Jan 14, 2009. - Playstation 3:
    In this game, you are the leader of Operation Wildcard, an undercover and elite squad of pilots secretly created by the American government. Your mission is to sabotage and destroy the Third Reich’s evil plans to create a weapon of mass destruction. During this mission you and your team discover that the bad guys also have an elite team of their own. In an attempt to disarm the enemy, you engage in dramatic and movie-like spy missions in some of the world’s most exotic locations using experimental weapons and flying never-before-seen prototype aircraft.

    Over-The-Top Action – Engage in 18 high-stakes missions where you will bomb bridges, steal secret weapons, destroy Zeppelins and more.

    Fly Never Before Seen Aircraft – Pilot over 50 authentic planes and prototypes including the Gotha Go 229, DH Vampire F Mk 1, Me-163 “Komet”, Meteor and many more.

    Unusual Experimental Weapons Get the advantage in combat by using experimental WWII weapons including High Velocity Cannons and TV-Guided missiles.

    Exotic WWII Setting – Engage in epic battles in some of the world’s most captivating environments such as Cairo, the Himalayas, Moscow’s Red Square, Rome’s San Pietro’s Cathedral, the Swiss Alps and more.

    Next-Gen Graphics – Experience improved depth of field, jaw-dropping cinematographic lightening and outstanding sound effects.

    Fast Paced Multiplayer Action – Challenge up to 16 players in free-for-all, co-op and squad-based missions, including the all new Epic Battle and Capture the Flag modes.

    Epic Boss Battles – For example, go up against a giant German Zeppelin over the pyramids of Cairo. Take out its nine gun turrets while you expose its vulnerable underbelly.

    Innovative Use of the SIXAXIS Controller (PS3 exclusive) –Experience a new sensation of flight. With four alternative control configurations, Blazing Angels will take full advantage of the motion sensor/tilt feature. Players can easily maneuver the plane just by moving the SIXAXIS controller. Arcade and simulator modes are included, for both classic control and motion-sensitive control.

    All New Multiplayer Racing Mode (PS3 exclusive) – Fly in a racing circuit while trying to avoid the ground, natural map terrain, urban obstacles, and other landmarks in pursuit to be the first to cross the finish line.

    Contributed by DreinIX (10673) on Apr 18, 2008.