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Blood Money Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

The opening screen
Psygnosis logo
Title screen
The opening sequence
The main menu
Starting a new game
There are some strange creatures here
Purchasing weapons
Watch out for jellyfish
Shoot creatures, then collect coins to earn money
Shooting some creatures leaves coins behind
Planet 1, rotating barriers and missile turrets
Planet 1, it's going to be tricky to catch all those coins
Planet 1, the money stealing enemy and the antenna that jams your controls usually show up together
Planet 1, the first planetary guardian is a space ship
Planet 1, kill the first end boss by shooting the core
Plundered the first planet, you can choose a next depending on how much money you have left
Planet 2, simply fly around the giant claws
Planet 2, ruins of an underwater city and submarine enemies
Planet 2, the second planetary guardians are three gaint snakes (teal, green and red)
Planet 3, flying through an icy planet as a little jetpack man
Planet 3, such attention to detail, check out the little snowman
Planet 3, lava spitting volcanoes similar to Gradius
Planet 3, try to shoot both waves of aliens
Planet 3, beautiful water and enemy animations
Planet 3, the third planetary guardian is the easiest, first shoot the blobs on its back
Planet 4, shooting these worms will earn you big money
Planet 4, shoot gaps in the formation or you will get trapped between them
Planet 4, the same worms as earlier but with different colors
Planet 4, the backgrounds look great but unfortunately the game has no parallax scrolling
Planet 4, even the smallest vines will kill you so don't touch them
Planet 4, the fourth planetary guardian, destroy all six bubble shooting pipes

Atari ST version

Intro picture
Title screen
Main menu
Level selection screen
At the beginning of level one
A shop!
Buying equipment
That enemy wants to steal my money
Game over

Commodore 64 version

Psygnosis logo
Title screen
The main menu
Gameplay on the first level
The pathway can get narrow
An end of level boss
Whoa, jellyfish!
A flock of...things... attacks!
Buying weapons
A strange (yet dangerous) creature
Numerous enemies closing in...
Don't crash into the cave walls!
Land at the shop to purchase weapons
Game over

DOS version

Introduction (VGA)
Title screen (VGA)
The main menu (VGA)
Starting a new game (EGA)
Some strange creatures here... (EGA)
Purchasing new weapons (EGA)