Blue's Clues: Blue's Birthday Adventure Screenshots

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Signing in
The progress page, where parents can keep track of what their child has finished
"Blue? Have you seen Blue?"
Intro - Blue whispers to Steve that she wants to play Clues
There are many cute unexpected scenes like this one, where Blue bounces after a ball
Each note is a sound that has to be put with the instrument it belongs to
Blue wants to put away her sweater, but where's the hanger?
Blue has "skidoo-ed" into the pages of an open book
The bear has a quest for Blue - finding a blue balloon. The noisemaker on the ground gets collected...
...and saved for the party
Helping Mr. Salt & Mrs. Pepper make the party cake
This Blue's Clue is on could it mean?
Ready to pour the cake batter now, to make a cake in the shape of a pawprint
Another Blue "skidoo", into a birthday card
This is the land of birthday things
In this Party Toys game, select the toy that isn't the same
Picking a present for Blue, from you
Blue ponders three ways to put his clues together
The birthday party, with lots of Blue's friends
And a puppet show of the player's choosing