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Blue's Clues Kindergarten Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

The title screen
Signing in on the extended blackboard; pick a chalk color first
Still more options to personalize your game
Our first meeting with Blue and Periwinkle - and Joe, who welcomes you
Blue is communicating the idea he has to help Periwinkle with his school fears. (Joe leaves to play hide-and-seek)
Blue has set up activities for Periwinkle and you. You even have a cubby!
Rhyming refrigerator magnets...
Making a poem, of sorts.
Meet Tickety, the friendly clock
Move Tickety's hands to the correct time for soccer practice
Blue and Periwinkle getting ready to make a Book About Us
Choose a background and stickers to create a picture
Print your picture when you're done!
Sandbox math.
A printable project page, one of many...
In Periwinkle's Fort - we seem to have attracted a rabbit with the carrot garden!
The interactive solar system - Mr. Sun is so bright he has to wear shades!
Push the buttons to learn different facts about the earth...
...or Mars, or any of the planets, including poor disenfranchised Pluto
Another printable page with suggested activity
Here you can access all of the project pages for completed levels
The Parent's area, with additional suggested activities in each area of Blue's curriculum
A synopsis of the curriculum for the parent
The cute quit screen