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Bob Morane: Chevalerie 1 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
The gloomy starting room
Fisticuffs with a green floating cloak guy
"You shall not pass!"
Greencloak snuffs it (no bears in the Amstrad version)
Maybe something in this chest will help take out that imposing guard
Yep... some armor
Death comes rolling
UK title screen
UK version - found some gold

Atari ST version

Title screen (cracker-defaced)
A spooky drawbridge beckons
Mission briefing
Entry forbidden (castle employees only?).png
Quite a display of heraldry
Located a secret passage!
Guard watching bemused as Bob dances off with a bear
Bob finds a shield
O hai, hooded knife-swinging maniac... just passing through

Commodore 64 version

German title screen
Blocky white bear busts a groove
What's in this cabinet...
...a coat of mail?
(Guards): "Ein, zwei... halt! Jingle the keys!"
A sack - let's open 'er up...
This abstract lump of pixels might just signify some coins
The UK version, starring Lee Enfield

DOS version

Title screen (CGA)
Bouncer at the door (CGA)
Your mission, should you choose to accept it (CGA)
Do the bear stomp (CGA)
One guard down... (CGA)
Just one of many items that seem to have no effect whatsoever (CGA)
Bob gets double-teamed (CGA)
Bested in battle? worry not - the gigantic temporal bubble is here to restore you (CGA)
Your CO gently berates you for dying (CGA)
Title screen (Hercules)
Backed into a corner (Hercules)
Trap-door found (Hercules)
Apparently bears are a common pest in 13th-century castles (Hercules)
Game over (Hercules)