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Bombshell is a twin-stick shooter with light RPG elements. Shelly "Bombshell" Harrison was a colonel in an organization known as Global Defense Force (GDF), but lost her arm and team in an incident. She is offered a new chance and her arm is replaced by a mechanical one. Reporting to Holloway, she needs to rescue President Aurora Skye who has been kidnapped by a space race called the Kyrr. This is done on different planets, each with a very different theme. She needs to find out their intentions and stop the collaboration with Dr. Jadus Heskel, a prominent scientist from Earth.

Each level has a main objective, but several optional side missions can be completed as well. These side quests are triggered by locating characters or finding certain areas through exploration. Starting with the main Ion Maiden weapon with unlimited ammo, several others are collected eventually, such as the Maxigun, Motherflakker, P.M.S. (Personal Missile System), Amiga (an A.I. assistant built into her arm), Shellshock, Firestorm (flame-thrower), Bowlings bombs, and the Electrocutioner. By progressing through levels Bombshell earns experience to level up and earn skill points. Violent executions can be performed for more experience. With certain levels, combined with the KY intergalactic currency, the weapons can be upgraded several time, with a branching tech tree offering two types of secondary fire options per weapon. The main skill points can be used to upgrade the basic statistics Health, Armor, and Energy, or her four powers (Power Slide, Mighty Punch, Bubble Shield, and Power Sword).

These powers use a separate energy meter that recharges over time. The Power Slide is used to dash quickly, Mighty Punch is a melee attack, Bubble Shield provides temporary defense and Power Sword is another type of attack. The exploration of levels involves an amount of platform jumping and it is possible to fall off ledges. There are also minor puzzle-solving elements, for instance based on specific weapons, interaction with parts of the environment, or using the assistant Amiga which can be controlled and moved separately to reach difficult locations or press buttons. Levels are large and can be explored in multiple directions, even though the main mission progression is linear. There is a large amount of ammo in the environment, destructible elements, collectibles and defeated enemies leave behind the currency and small amounts of health. Other items that can be collected are Medkits, Ghost Shells (holographic body double), Acceleration Boots (faster speed), and a Power Enhancer (use powers without energy restrictions for a short time).

Enemies often attack in large groups and require a lot of movement to defeat them. Between and during missions there are often short sequences that further the story. Some levels have NPCs Bombshell can talk to and camps where the currency can be exchanged for additional ammo. Levels are split up with checkpoints, but it is also possible to respawn right away at a cost. A later update added in additional, separate Shellshock missions in a VR environment.


Bombshell Windows A GDF camp nearby the White House
Bombshell Windows The main statistics and upgrades menu
Bombshell Windows Inside a temple
Bombshell Windows Be careful where you walk as you can fall off.

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Alternate Titles

  • "Project Ascender" -- Working title
  • "Duke Nukem: Survivor" -- Working title
  • "Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction" -- working title

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Critic Reviews

Brash Games Jan 29, 2016 7 out of 10 70
IGN Jan 29, 2016 6.9 out of 10 69
Save Or Quit Apr 25, 2016 60 out of 100 60
4Players.de Feb 04, 2016 50 out of 100 50
PC Games (Germany) Jan 29, 2016 49 out of 100 49
GameStar (Germany) Feb 02, 2016 35 out of 100 35
Rock, Paper, Shotgun Feb 02, 2016 Unscored Unscored


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Duke Nukem

Bombshell started out life as a Duke Nukem title. The character of Bombshell was originally to be a sidekick to the main Duke Nukem hero. However due to legal issues regarding the usage of the Duke Nukem license, the game was re imagined and Duke references removed.

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