Bombuzal Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen.
Simple enough: Blow the bombs up, don't blow yourself up. That's it.
And here we go!
The game also offers a 2D mode. Helpful to see what's going on, but seriously lacking the coolness factor.
You can literally bounce bombs along those tracks.
This is truly a game for pyromaniacs.
Look at those gadgets! A remote-controlled Mini-Bombuzal! How cute is that!

Atari ST version

Main menu
High score table
Some game options
First level in 3D
I think that was a stupid move...
Level complete!
Ice and bombs. Not the best of combinations
2D view of a level
Game over

Commodore 64 version

Loading screen (tape version)
Title screen
Beginning the first puzzle
Oops, trapped myself on the second puzzle
Quick, make a decision before that timer runs out!
Gameplay in 2D mode
Some bombs exploding in 2D mode

DOS version

Main menu
Bombuzal can be played in two views, this is the 3D view.
This is the 2D view
Bombuzal blows up.
Viewing the map.
Slipping off the ice and into oblivion.
High scores

SNES version

Title screen (Japanese release)
Title screen (US version)
The title explodes.
High scores
Select number of players. The instructions scroll by.
Ready for level 1. Here is your password.
Starting level 1
I completed it.
The bonus points screen.
The password for level 2.
Starting level 2
Whoa! WHOA! Slippery!
Counting down until the bomb is set.
Level 3.
Um. Not good.
Game over