Hypothesizing what sorts of adventures might be got up to in Bomberman's pants, this game provides some similar gameplay in a cartoony "adult" style -- mobile phalluses hobble around on their stubbly little testicles, collecting sex-themed bonuses (condoms for protection against STDs, jockey shorts to boost speed) and avoiding environmental hazards (viruses, AIDS, and the dreaded snapping-teeth-of-inexpertly-performed-fellation).

The player's "shot" can be used to temporarily neutralise enemies, open gaps in walls (revealing in the background a picture of a naked lady), or stun competitors in the multiplayer (up to 4 players) game. Once enough bonuses have been collected, doff a condom and hop into the sack with the blonde in the middle of the screen. Level layouts vary, but basic gameplay (and even the cheesecake in the background) remains much the same through 50 levels.

The multiplayer game features an additional surreal mini-game, where the alpha phalli prowl the screen's periphery around a model who seems to love nothing more than to have select garments of her clothing pawed by stretching penises with grasping hands inexplicably appearing at their ends -- you've never seen anything quite like it.


Bomb'X DOS A bizarre start-of-level animation, where a walking phallus in a trenchcoat "flashes" you with, instead of /his/ phallus (and, presumably, /its/ phallus also?) the map layout of the next level (16 c)
Bomb'X DOS Title screen with our four ugly protagonists looming in front of the logo (VGA)
Bomb'X DOS While permitting access to the end-of-level rumpus and protecting against virii, the condom prevents you from shooting -- as demonstrated here. (VGA)
Bomb'X DOS Copy protection -- ensure that the members are oriented in the correct direction (VGA)

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In 1995 "Wonder" and "Gandalf" of "Outlaws" electronically released a data disk of user-made level layouts for the Amiga version of this game as Bomb'X: The Scene's Levels.

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