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Average, "strategy optional" platformer Genesis Andrew Fisher (617)

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SEGA Master SystemAção Games (Feb, 1992)
Apesar de não ser 3D, os gráficos de Bonanza Brothers trazem efeitos tridimensionais. É um jogo engraçado com 10 fases de confusão.
AmigaAmiga Action (Jan, 1992)
The coin-up version of Bonanza Bros was good for a laugh. And I'm pleased to announce that US Gold have faithfully recaptured the humourous antics of Mobo and Robo. While the graphics don't quite live up to expectations, the little touches of humour and the jolly ditties have been captured perfectly. Most importantly, Bonanza Brothers plays particularly well and it definitely comes into its own in the simultaneous two player team mode. Although the pace is somewhat subdued , fans of its arcade counterpart will almost certainly love it.
ZX SpectrumSinclair User (Jul, 1992)
A potentially excellent licence somewhat spoiled by difficult control. Mobo and Robo are great fun in two player mode which also has the advantage of doubling the duration of play for a single player. Good coin-op conversion
I really enjoyed playing this - it's a very different sort of game that taxes your brains rather than your reflexes. However, those obsessed with fast-paced action might find this too pedestrian to really get into. Still, try it out - you're only gambling 20p...
TurboGrafx CDGameFan Magazine (Jan, 1993)
Bonanza Brothers on Super CD comes much closer to the arcade version than the Genesis one did, with all the levels and bonus rounds. This games has really colorful graphics and funny sound effects, and it's two player simultaneous. You'll have fun all the way through it. Great game.
The game itself can be a right old laugh: the buildings often get maze-like and the bad guys can be a real handful. The intro sequences are smart and the graphics throughout are attractive, even if they are weird! Neat tunes and extremely funny sampled speech add to the proceedings and you'll have many a chuckle over this. It all boils down to whether or not you enjoyed the arcade game, and if you did then this is the game for you!
GenesisMean Machines (Jul, 1991)
Bonanza Bros' unusual, beautifully coloured graphics, great sound effects and superb playability have been fully captured in this stunning conversion! It's incredible fun to play, with utterly frantic action (especially when you're trying to do something like dodge around three policemen who are converging on you from all angles) and many hilarious touches. Watch what happens when a fly lands on your head, you step on a can or rake, fall off a wall or get splattered behind a door! My only gripe (I've already said this about another Megadrive title this month!) is that there are too many continues, and they let you finish the game very quickly (especially if you're also playing it on "easy" level). Play sensibly on the "normal" level with one credit at a time and you've got a thoroughly enjoyable and very unusual Megadrive conversion which fans of the coin-op will adore.
AmigaAmiga Power (Jan, 1992)
Stylish, but lacking in longevity. Like Storms' recent Rodland, Bonanza Bros is more of a snack than a full-blown nine-course meal (but it's tasty, tasty, very very tasty, all the same).
AmigaThe One for Amiga Games (Feb, 1992)
Bonanza Bros is exactly the kind of game that you could find yourself wasting a couple of ten pences on in the arcade, but not something you'd want to spend any lengthy amount of time with.
80 (UK) (May 25, 2007)
What impresses most is that it still offers a solid stealth challenge, even in an age where hiding in shadows and watching for distracted guards is commonplace. A delightful combination of quirky ideas and polished execution, you could do a lot worse than download this.
GenesisRaze (Aug, 1991)
There is also a two-player game in Bonanza Bros, which is highly enjoyable and will have you and your mate looting well into the wee hours... The only thing that lets Bonanza Bros down is the wishy-washy sound effects, but this aside it is a great game and well worth saving your pennies for.
Atari STThe One for ST Games (Feb, 1992)
Bonanza Bros is exactly the kind of game that you could find yourself wasting a couple of ten pences on in the arcade, but not something you'd want to spend any lengthy amount of time with.
80 (Jan 26, 2005)
Bonanza Bros. is a very original and addictive game, which is great with a friend. The challenge is immaculate, being tricky but not mind bustlingly difficult. Also the comedic plot crisis is something that most people should see anyway.
SEGA Master SystemPlay Time (Jan, 1992)
Neben einigen schönen Gags, wie eine Presse, mit der man die Bewacher “unter Druck“ setzen kann, ist das tollste aber die 3D-Grafik. Ja, es ist tatsächlich möglich, auf dem Master System eine durchaus ansprechende räumliche Darstellung zu programmieren. Auch bei diesem Spiel wird die Spielhallenversion nicht erreicht, man hat sich aber einige Mühe gegeben, für den Spieler gutes Entertainment zu bieten.
Commodore 64Commodore Format (May, 1992)
The graphics are smooth, colourful and rather enjoyable. The houses are filled with peculiar furniture, and it's all a bit of a weird dreamland. Even the music's strangely funky. Bonanza Bros is a different sort of a game. It's got platform elements, plus the two-player split-screen thing. But it lacks that certain something which would make it a Corker. I think it's just not frantic enough. Pity.
ArcadeSinclair User (Aug, 1990)
Less mainstream than Crackdown, it'll be interesting to see if this title is successful. If you like the kind of game where timing and planning are paramount, rather than sheer speed of reaction, the Bonanza Brothers is for you. Otherwise my advice is to give it a miss.
SEGA Master SystemSega Pro (UK) (Apr, 1992)
Where this game scores best is in the playability front. It reminds me of School Daze, an old Spectrum favourite of mine (only us wrinklies will remember that old chestnut!), and therefore can do no wrong, although hardened gamesters will complete it relatively quickly. The thing is, it's so simple. And that's where the fun lies. Honest.
AmigaDatormagazin (Apr 23, 1992)
Den klart roligaste finessen med Bonanza Brothers är att du och en kompis kan spela samtidigt, med varsin spelplan. Bägge figurerna finns med på bägge planerna, men man kan gå åt varsitt håll för att snabbare komma åt det stöldbegärliga materialet. Musiken i spelet är lite för mycket typisk dataspelsmusik för att vara njutbar. Bonanza Brothers är ett ganska enkelt spel som faktiskt dessutom är riktigt roligt. Det blir inte, som så många andra spel, oöverstigligt svårt på en gång.
Atari STST Format (Jun, 1992)
Mobo and Robo are so crap they deserve to become complete heroes. All your adversaries look the same - a big ball with legs and arms with a smaller ball perched on top. It's so bad, it's almost great. Almost, but not quite. Bonanza Bros is frustrating, ridiculous and fun. It's a tad too frustrating, so try and persuade somebody else to play with you and you can have a person to shout at, rather than just the screen.
AmigaAmiga Format (Feb, 1992)
Ten buildings of increased complexity and tougher baddies aren't enough to keep you interested. The animation is blocky, with only a few imaginative touches and there's not enough two-player interaction to add depth to the game. If only there had been a bit more entertaining animation and a few more levels, then the Bonanza Brothers could have been a cracker, but as it is - there's not enough here.
GenesisAll Game Guide (1999)
The saddest thing about this game is that it has to be one of the hardest Genesis games to find! Only years after I had packed my Genesis away did I come across Bonanza Brothers in a bargain bin. Fortunately, the hunt is well worthwhile as the game is a riot to play and requires some smart thinking and quick timing to finish with your yellow-headed robot in-tact.
GenesisPower Play (Aug, 1991)
Witzig sind sie ja, die "Bonanza Brothers": Zahlreiche Comic-Sidekicks beleben, hübsch animiert, die Level. Das dürftige Spielprinzip wird dadurch leider nicht wesentlich aufgewertet. Ein eingespieltes Diebesteam vernascht das Räubermodul in der Mittagspause; ein einzelner Dieb hat's nur unerheblich schwerer. Ruck-Zuck ist für jeden der nicht sehr umfangreichen Level eine Taktik erspielt und die Bonanza Brothers werden langweilig. Bleibt als Pluspunkt der Gehässigkeitsfaktor: Beim Spiel zu zweit dem Kumpel das Diebesgut vor der Nase wegzuschnappen, sorgt für selbstgemachten Anreiz. Wer witzige Pixelhelden mag, kann ja mal probespielen. Für ernsthafte Geschicklichkeitsfanatiker ist die Herausforderung zu gering.
GenesisVideo Games (Sep, 1991)
Die Bonanza-Brüder gehören zu den coolsten Sprites, die je bei einem Meqa-Drive-Spiel über die Mattscheibe gezuckelt sind. Die wenig detailreiche, aber witzige Grafik paßt gut zum Slapstick-Charakter des Spiels. Auch Idee und Ablauf haben Pfiff. Im Zwei-Spieler-Modus gehört Bonanza Bros. zu den witzigsten Titeln der letzten Zeit; alleine fehlen etwas die Überraschungsmomente, für die ein arglistiger Mitspieler sorgen kann. Trotz zehn Levels hält sich der Umfang in Grenzen, da die Gebäude nicht groß sind: Wer die Continues ausnutzt, ist schnell durch. Dem Schönheitsfehler zum Trotz ein vergnügliches Spielchen.
There's no denying the graphical appeal of Bonanza Bros. The sprites are true to the arcade, with some nice, varied backdrops and excellent sprites. The sound is quite nice too with some cutesy soundtracks and good effects. To begin with the gameplay is quite entertaining - splatting meanies and collecting the swag does keep you occupied for a couple of hours, but if you've got the difficulty level on the lowest setting and the lives counter on the highest, then you'll complete the game in just a couple of shots. There are actually less levels in this version than there are in the arcades and all of the bonus levels are missing too. Superficially, Bonanza Bros is a great game, but it lacks the lastability factor that would make shelling out £35.00 truly justified.
AmigaPelit (Feb, 1992)
Kahdelle pelaajalle tarkoitettu toimintaseikkailu on kieltämättä harvinaisuus, ja sikäli puolustaa paikkaansa, mutta sisällön olisi pitänyt olla monta kertaluokkaa monipuolisempi ja vetävämpi, jotta pakkaus ei jäisi hyllyyn homehtumaan parin pelikerran jälkeen.
SEGA Master SystemVideo Games (Feb, 1992)
Die hübsche, gut animierte Grafik ist zusammen mit den passenden Soundeffekten und der abwechslungsreichen Musik Garant für einen guten Gesamteindruck. An der Spielbarkeit gibt es auch wenig zu nörgeln. Insgesamt sprudelt dieses Modul nicht gerade vor Originalität, aber einige Gags und witzige Details hat es zu bieten. Der Effekt des in die Tiefe ausgedehnten Spielfeldes ist vorteilhaft in die Spielidee integriert. Leider wurde auf den Zwei-Spieler-Modus verzichtet. Auch die zehn Levels hat man schnell durch.
WiiGameSpot (Apr 02, 2007)
You probably shouldn't bother with Bonanza Bros. if mainly you'll only be able to play it alone. If, however, you have a readily available play partner, you may want to take the chance and spend 800 Wii points ($8) to bring this goofy rendition of cops and robbers home.
60 (Mar 12, 2007)
Diese witzige Räuberpistole sollte man trotz der arg altbackenen Grafik eine faire Chance geben. Auf den Raubzügen durch Millionärsvillen, Museen und Casinos schlagt Ihr dem Security-Personal wahlweise auch kooperativ mittels einfacher Stealth-Elemente ein Schnippchen, um Eurem Auftraggeber am Levelausgang die tunlichst lukrative Ausbeute zu überreichen. Ihr versteckt Euch also hinter Säulen, wartet auf eine Unachtsamkeit der Wachmänner und verpasst ihnen dann eines mit dem Tranquilizer. Das Gesetz lässt sich aber nicht dauerhaft aus dem Weg räumen - was wiederum für eine ordentliche Portion Spannung sorgt, während Ihr Eure Rucksäcke mit Kostbarkeiten füllt.
As it stands Bonanza Bros is a decent little game that worked very well in the arcade but isn't really worth downloading on the VC. If you're a fan of the game (and I know there's a lot of you out there!) then you will obviously know what to expect, but to anyone who hasn't played this in the past, there are far more worthy games available at the moment.
55 (Feb 04, 2006)
And yet, this is one of those games that I come back to at least once a year. The gameplay is still fresh (dare I call it Metal Gear Solid Lite?) and despite the archaic graphics, Bonanza Brothers remains a fun and unique play. Don’t let the impersonal, middle-of-the-road score fool you—this is a definite for stealth fans that’ve missed it over the years.
WiiIGN (Feb 21, 2007)
Bonanza Bros pretty clearly demonstrates its arcade roots. It plays and feels like a time-limited experience as the appeal can be quite short-lived. It is a little more fun with a friend, but the limited number of levels and relatively simplistic gameplay make this game difficult to recommend unless you’re a diehard fan. Your 800 Wii Points are better spent elsewhere.
Bonanza Bros. ist ein comicmäßig aufgebautes Game, das einige witzige Sequenzen enthält. Leider gibt Bonanza Bros. auf Dauer nicht allzuviel her. Da helfen auch die Gags nichts, und die technische Fehlleistung (im Zwei-Spieler-Modus wird der Spielablauf bei zu vielen Sprites total langsam) tut auch nichts zur spielerischen Freude dazu, zumal das Spiel in Belangen Grafik und Sound sehr schlicht gehalten wurde.
AmigaAmiga Joker (Mar, 1992)
Die knuddelige Comicgrafik ist sicher nett, der Düdelsound läßt sich abschalten, und die Masse an Features & Optionen ist beeindruckend (Zeitlimit, Bonuslevel, die Zahl der Leben ist einstellbar, tausenderlei Screenanzeigen), aber unterhaltsam sind die Brüder deswegen noch lange nicht. Merke: Was schon im Original kein Feuerwerk war, kann als Remake halt höchstens ein Knallfrosch werden.
WiiNintendo Life (Jan 30, 2007)
While there will inevitably be gamers that will enjoy this type of gaming experience, it just doesn't come across as the type of offering that will appeal to the majority of gamers. The overall gameplay experience is a bit too dumbed-down to offer any type of long-term playability and the lackadaisical audio-visual presentation just further adds to the overall bland feeling the game gives off. In the end, there are much better games available on the Virtual Console service than this very dated 80's arcade romp.
AmigaTilt (Apr, 1992)
Si ce jeu d'action peut être éventuellement amusant à deux, en solitaire c'est en revanche un bide complet, du fait de la ridicule étroitesse de l'écran de jeu.
Okay, every cloud has a silver lining. I must say I liked some of the "special effects" in the game. An attack dog that appears after several cleared buildings growls, barks, and yips when hit. It LOOKS more like one of those balloon doggies a bad magician would make to warm up his act, but at least it sounds good. There are a few other bells and whistles but the time spent to program them in would have been better spent working on the bland graphics.
Commodore 64Play Time (Sep, 1992)
Der große Spaßfaktor des Spiels, die Möglichkeit, daß zwei Spieler gleichzeitig antreten können, wurde zwar beibehalten, doch der zweite Faktor, nämlich die Grafikqualität, geht gegen Null und hebt den Zweispielerbonus fast völlig auf. Das Scrolling ist gut gemacht, doch die Interrupts flackern unerträglich und die Hintergrundgrafiken sind lieblos zusammengeschustert worden. Die spielerische Abwechslung ist sehr beschränkt und der nervtötende Sound trägt noch seinen Teil zum frühen Ausschalten bei. Sollte US Gold weiterhin Umsetzung in dieser Qualität für den C64 veröffentlichen, steht dem Ableben des C64 nichts mehr im Wege