Boom Land Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen (Free version)
World selection. World is locked until previous world is completed.
Level selection (4 levels per world in Free version)
Level loading
Introducing the dynamite
Placing the dynamite
Dynamite explodes
Introducing the powder
Selecting the powder
Placing the powder
Destroying the structure with powder
Introducing the bomb
Placing the bomb and dynamite to ready to press 'Boom' button
Dynamite explodes, while bomb does not yet
Examinig the structure
Placing all possible exploding items
Level was not passed
Get ready to City world
Structure is in progress of its destruction
Getting the highscore on the level
Examinig the structure to place the available explosives
Powder does nto explode if it is not falling and detonating
One of dynamites is placed dear the mysterios crate
Mysterious crate has revealed another dynamite after explosion
Not all places are available to place the explosive item
Background is not destroyed, while structure is ruined
Get ready for Forest level
Structure is ruined, but bomb does not yet explode
Three mysterious crates hide some items
Additional dynamites are taken from mysterious crates
Static explosives are placed, while powder is kept for the control explosion
Pressing the 'Boom' and waiting for the finish of explosion
Completing the game (Free version)