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The Brainies Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
Main menu
The first level
No prizes for winning this one
This takes slightly more planning
Level 3 is purely rotational
The extra column down the middle makes this possible
Another level
More than one of each colour now
A new colour scheme, and some arrows which 'force' the Skweeks along
Didn't quite solve this one

Atari ST version

Stop before walls
Second level, easy...

DOS version

Title screen (VGA)
Title screen (from Kalisto release) (VGA)
Start menu (VGA)
Beginning the game (VGA)
Level start with password code (VGA)
First level -- simple enough (VGA)
Subsequent levels get more complicated (VGA)
The presence of power-ups and bonuses changes the dynamic (VGA)
Game over! (VGA)
Loriciel Logo (CGA).
Title Screen (CGA).
Game Menu (CGA).
A Skweek (CGA).
Level 1 (CGA).
Level 2 (CGA).
Level 3 (CGA).
Title Screen (EGA).
Level 1 (EGA).
Level 2 (EGA).
Level 3 (EGA).

SNES version

Title screen
Explaining the controls
One of the early levels, teaching you the basics.
Top-down view
3D view