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Bratz Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Language selection
Title screen
Yes, help!
Name entry
Selecting difficulty
Main menu
Choosing a character and an outfit
Just another variant of the old push-the-button-when-the-symbol-is-there game.
Freestyle part of the song
Overview of available moves
the sweet taste of victory...

PlayStation version

The game's title screen follows the usual memory card check and choice of language
Starting a new game. The Bratz have an unusual choice of difficulty level
The game is simple enough as the tutorial shows, press the right button at the right time.
Practicing with Chloe. The player can play as each of the Bratz. They say encouraging words like Amazin', Cool, Perfect, and You Rock as the player hits the buttons correctly
Initially only one song is available to start with, others are unlocked by playing
In Contest mode with Jade. After each song there is an optional replay
In Contest mode with Jade. After each contest the Bratz say how well the player did. As the player progresses more Bratz appear to congratulate them
In Contest mode. After each song there's a display of the current score.
In Contest mode. If the player is successful the player unlocks the next song
There's a different background to each song / level in the game
There are also new outfits to be unlocked as the game progresses
The player will eventually unlock more moves, making the game progressively more difficult