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    Moving my squad through enemy infested jungle. Suddenly Darrow’s detector picks up life forms 50 metres out.
    “Nothing but a couple of BRACHIATORS” he says to me.
    Just then Darrow takes it through the chest. We all hit the dirt trying to figure where the shot came from. And there it is… a BATTLE ROBOT. Hsiang shoots its sensory grid but it doesn’t do much good. It starts tracking him with its dual guns and suddenly he takes some hot plasma. Now it’s just me and the Kid Roki.
    “Roki” I said, “Direct fire at its lifters so it can’t move.” So like a vet of 20 drops he rises on one knee and hits the thing right in the lifters.
    “That’s one less Battle Robot”, he says.
    I toss an energy grenade at the hulk to make sure. Then we turned to start the long job of carrying the boys north to our landing craft.
    Sgt Sherwood FWS Seryachi Campaign.

    • Smooth animated movement and combat.
    • Amiga/Macintosh version includes digitized sound.
    • A campaign of several scenarios included in the game.
    • Up to 40 scenarios [should be “enemies” - Editor] per game – ranging from beasts to marines. Six different classes of opponents in all.
    • Equip your marines with 20 different objects – including rocket launchers, demolition charges and cracking units.
    • Build up your squad leader for special advanced training – all of his combat experience is saved!
    • Scenarios can have several different victory conditions which can be mixed together to form complex battles.
    • Additional scenario disks available.

    BREACH - A single player tactical-level combat game.

    Contributed by -Chris (7565) on Mar 25, 2005.