Breach Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Starting the Island scenario
Map screen
Mission briefing
Mission objectives
Crossing water with a grav belt
If you lose your squad leader, it's game over.
Starting the Robots scenario
Supply room inside the ship
Fighting a robot
Taking out base defenses
Robots take out the squad

Atari ST version

Title screen

DOS version

Title screen.
Leaving the landing craft and securing the area, the team has encountered the first resistance –alien soldiers and beasts (black).
What’s our assignment, anyway? The mission briefing.
The squad has entered an underground level – and is promptly attacked by warbeasts.
Soldier Felling opens a door to get to the three medipacks.
The map screen gives a crude overview over the area.
Inside a structure. The natives are not friendly. An enemy marine attacks.
Uh-oh! Heavy resistance – three powerful battle robots and one marine.
One grenade later: Two robots and one marine less, a heap of rubble in their place. And one robot left.
Success! After completion of a mission, the squad leader’s stats improve.
Create your own missions with the comprehensible, powerful scenario builder.

Macintosh version

Title screen
Main menu
Scenario loaded
Troops deployed