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Windows 15 3.6
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Combined User Score 15 3.6

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Xbox 360HonestGamers (Staff reviews only) (Jul 24, 2010)
Breath of Death VII is one of those rare parody games that recognises and mocks the pitfalls of its genre, but then sidesteps them in its own design, equipping itself with a veneer of smug satisfaction that transfers to the gamer.
Xbox 360Worth Playing (May 16, 2010)
Breath of Death VII: The Beginning is a real surprise. It's an RPG that feels like it was a classic from back in the day, but it doesn't have any RPG hang-ups. Gaming fans will certainly get a chuckle from the jokes and old gameplay mechanics, and while this game is a tad short in length, the insanely cheap price of $1 makes it a better investment than many RPGs with much larger price tags. Fans of classic games and RPGs will enjoy the title immensely, as will those who are tired of full-priced games that just don't feel exciting after the first hour of play. With a game this good, it is a shining example of what the Xbox Live Indie Games service can deliver.
Xbox 360RPGFan (Jul 07, 2010)
Breath of Death VII It was a short experience, but a fun one at a great price to boot. Sure, the technical portions come off weak, but its all about the strong writing and solid gameplay, and for just one mere dollar, I see no reason why any retro RPG fan should pass it up. Even if you're still on the fence about getting it, you'll only be out a dollar and you will show support to a good indie developer. For an RPG whose sheer fun factor is on par with a lot of the $30 to $60 games people shell out multiple bills for, it's an extreme bargain. Breath of Death VII is a flat-out steal. Just get it already.
Xbox 360The A.V. Club (Jun 07, 2010)
Breath Of Death VII: The Beginning, an XBLA indie RPG, should change your tune for a good four to six hours, though: A winking homage/parody of games like Dragon Warrior and the whole 8-bit era at large, Breath mocks everything from the ellipse-spouting protagonist to towns foolishly settled in an area landlocked by high-level monsters. Endearing as it might be, Breath is also dependent on the annoying tropes it satirizes, like random battles and level-grinding. There are some welcome innovations, such as a random-battle counter that lets you know exactly how many more chance encounters remain in a given area, and branching stat-distribution options when you level up. Were Breath any longer (or any less funny), it would risk falling victim too much to what it sends up. But at its concise length, it's more of an interactive mash note to the countless epic quests in faraway lands that demanded you load up on potions...
Xbox 360Gamer Limit (May 10, 2010)
And yet, Breath of Death VII: The Beginning still manages to be impressive by adding just a few subtle touches that aren’t seen in commercial JRPGs. Combine that with some genuinely funny dialogue, and we have ourselves a solid game. The lack of challenge is regrettable, but this is more of an inherent problem with vanilla turn-based combat than it is a serious blunder in design choice. Robert Boyd knows his stuff. I’m willing to bet that when he really tries to innovate a combat system, it will be a sight to behold. For now, though, Breath of Death serves as a wonderful sneak preview of good things to come.
Xbox 360RPGamer (May 02, 2010)
While Breath of Death VII doesn't really break much new ground, it does succeed in areas that so many other RPGs before it have failed in by going a slightly different path. It is a very straightforward experience, but offers a creative character development system, multiple difficulty settings, lots of humorous dialogue, and a quaint soundtrack. The combat system, overall plot, and visuals are all fairly limited, but don't take away from the experience and therefore serve their purpose well enough. Normally, I try to avoid factoring the cost of a game into a review, but in this case it's impossible not to. It's hard to complain about something that's fun to play and is really inexpensive. This is truly an experience that is greater than the sum of its parts. Taking that into consideration, I truly hope that Breath of Death VII: The Beginning lives up to its name and begins a series of entertaining, quirky (and inexpensive) RPGs.
In the end, Breath of Death IV is a nice trip back to the old days of RPG gaming, if not perhaps a little too old in some respects. Still, its shortcomings can be easily forgiven due to its price tag.
In the end, Breath of Death IV is a nice trip back to the old days of RPG gaming, if not perhaps a little too old in some respects. Still, its shortcomings can be easily forgiven due to its price tag.
Xbox 360RPGamer (May 16, 2010)
Robert Boyd and William Stiernberg should be immensely proud of their efforts. They've created a novel little title that is a shining example of what made RPGs in the '90's so much fun. While I'm sad my time with the game was so short, I enjoyed everything that the game attempts to accomplish in its manifesto of parody. It's truly fun to play a game that can remind someone of their childhood, and further remind them of what makes old school games such a joy to remember. Breath of Death is by no means a perfect experience, as it does appeal to a very specific audience with its retro style. Still, it displays plenty of humor and heart, and this makes it worth playing. Like an elementary school crush, Breath of Death has lasting appeal that leaves it memorable.
WindowsRandom Access (Jul 26, 2013)
RPG fans will enjoy this game. Even those who aren't familiar with the genre can find something to like. For those who are seeking a full-fledged epic adventure, however, you will be disappointed. Breath of Death VII can easily be finished in between four to eight hours. It can potentially be a Saturday afternoon activity for enthusiasts. (Being able to save anywhere, anytime is a blessing for those who don't have such an afternoon.) But for the low, low price you pay ($2.99 for a combination pack with Zeboyd Games' second release, Cthulhu Saves The World, or 80 MS Points on Xbox Live Arcade), you certainly get your money's worth.
WindowsLegendra (Oct 03, 2011)
Une bonne petite surprise que ce Breath of Death VII. Parodie de RPG classique dans le fond et la forme, ce soft pas piqué des vers surprend par son humour bien trempé, ses mécaniques sympathiques et sa réalisation aussi arriérée que charmante. Un soft idéal pour s'éclater entre deux gros RPG ou le temps d'un week-end, ses 5-6 heures de durée de vie pour cause.