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Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.8
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.7
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.9
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.9
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.7
Overall User Score (16 votes) 3.8

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Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter manages to take a classic series and give it a great revamp. Traditionalists may find the new game too different for their liking, but gamers looking for a challenge with a great battle system should look into this title. If you're not sure whether or not you'll like the changes, at least give this title a rent.
90 (Dec 21, 2008)
"Breath of Fire 5 - Dragon Quarter" ist sicherlich ein Spiel, an dem sich die Geister scheiden. Die einen sehen es als ein fehlgeleitetes Experiment, die anderen als eine gelungene Weiterentwicklung der Reihe. Ich persönlich zähle mich zur zweiten Gruppe, denn das schöne Endzeit-Szenario und die erdrückende Atmosphäre, die man beim Spielen förmlich spüren kann, bieten meiner Meinung nach zusammen mit den spielerischen Stärken der Breath of Fire-Reihe ein wahrlich einzigartiges Abenteuer.
90 (GAF) (Apr 28, 2003)
Although Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter can be finished in approximately 15 to 20 hours, there’s so much to experiment with that one game just isn’t enough. The SOL system is a magnificent scheme that warrants more than a solitary playthrough, especially when considering the depth and enjoyment that can be found in the Positive Encounter and Tactics System. The combat system isn’t swift and the spells aren’t graphically intense, but it affords a level of difficulty and accomplishment that is rarely found in any title these days. Breath of Fire certainly isn’t for everyone; the steep learning curve will definitely turn some individuals off. Even so, it’s a testament to creative design and a game that warrants at least a look.
GameZone (Mar 11, 2003)
Capcom’s anxiously anticipated Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter is the fifth installment in the long-running BoF series and yet another excellent RPG released exclusively for Sony’s PlayStation 2. Having played through my share of previous Breath of Fire games on the Super Nintendo I was quite excited to finally get my hands on Dragon Quarter (as I’m sure many others who have also played those games are) – and while, after playing Dragon Quarter I am far from disappointed, it did come as something of a shock to discover that it shares little resemblance with the past games in the series.
If there's a fundamental problem with the game, it's that the dungeon-crawling environments can stretch a little thin at times. Still, RPG fans should have absolutely no trouble staying glued to this title.
JustPressPlay (Sep 05, 2006)
Overall I would say that this is a nice, short game that you can buy for under $20. Sure it’s short, but for some people that may be one of the draws, how often can you beat an RPG nowadays in only a day? The storyline is interesting and compelling and the battle system is so innovative that you’ll be coming up many different ways to defeat the enemies weather it be by traps or crazy combos. Pick it up, it’s definitely worth a shot.
85 (Dec 15, 2003)
Résolument initiateur d'un nouveau genre de jeu de rôle, Breath Of Fire : Dragon Quarter, attire les foudres sur son pauvre corps meurtris. Accusé d'être déficient du point de vue graphique, laborieux concernant les sauvegardes, ainsi que lacunaire dans le D-Ratio, celui-ci condamné au purgatoire, connaît des horizons bien mornes. Néanmoins je réfute toutes ces accusations, en le plaçant comme vecteur imposant d'une volonté de renouveau salvateur. Basé sur l'ambiance et sur son système de combat intuitif, il provoque les mêmes réactions qu'un certain Vagrant Story à l'époque de sa sortie. Je le déconseille donc aux non habitués des RPG, ainsi qu'aux personnes ne connaissant que la série Final Fantasy. Ce n'est pas de la prétention, c'est juste que la déception sera manifeste. Un grand jeu, dans la veine de ce que savait faire Square à la belle époque. Un dernier mot, merci Sakimoto.
The Next Level (Apr 03, 2003)
A lot of people will probably have a great number of problems with Dragon Quarter, because of the ways that it differs. It's hard, slow, and takes pre-planning to make it through areas in good shape, something that will turn off a lot of players. But if you're tired of the current genre or simply want to try something different, Dragon Quarter will easily fulfill those desires. I wasn't always pleased with the battle system because I like my fights quick and that just won't do here, but everything else was just so damn interesting that I stuck with it regardless. Being one of the few console RPGs ever designed specifically with replay value is a definite plus, and I like having a "kill button" at my constant disposal. God-like power is always fun to toy with.
Game Captain (Nov 26, 2003)
BoF: DQ ist ein innovatives RPG mit einem anspruchsvollen Kampfsystem, interessanten Extras beim erneuten Durchzocken aber auch ein paar Ideen, mit denen sich wahrscheinlich nicht jeder Spieler auf Anhieb anfreunden kann.
Game Revolution (Mar, 2003)
The Breath of Fire series has been quite consistent through four prior iterations - the same ol' meat and potatoes time and again, as when you're successful, there's no real reason to change the recipe. But with its fifth entry, Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, the meat and potatoes have been chucked aside in favor of spicy reinvention, offering a hot battle system and a worthy story to whet one's appetite.
IGN (Feb 14, 2003)
There was a time in videogame history when Role-Playing titles weren't quite as long as they are now. Dragon Quest, Faxanadu, and the famous Final Fantasy are but a few of those legendary entries that were renowned for their excellence, but conquered in less than a day. A simpler era for digital RPGs to be sure, we never imagined that games within that genre would ever fall short again. That is, until we played the spanking new Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter.
Boomtown (Apr 12, 2004)
Ultimately, the entire package of Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter comes together to form an enjoyable and unique RPG. With extra gameplay tweaks and mini-games being constantly thrown in there is plenty to keep you occupied. It's certainly not going to convert RPG nay sayers, but fans of the genre should find something new here.
Diehard GameFan (Mar 19, 2003)
This game is recommended for mainly hardcore gamers and masochists. Casual fans will be very turned off by the steep learning curve and difficulty (read: frustration). Breath of Fire fans may be pleased with the changes, or they may be very disappointed. I would recommend to anyone to rent this game before buying it, just because it is so unlike anything out there, and while that’s a good thing with many games, it’s a bad thing for this one. This game was a big disappointment compared to all the great games that came out in February 2003 (Xenosaga, Dark Cloud 2, .hack//INFECTION), any of which is much more worth your time and money than this one.
Since Breath of Fire’s inception in 1993, Capcom hasn’t deviated from its original design. While enhancements were made to each installment, similarities remained constant and each chapter held true to the traditional console RPG formula. With the arrival of Dragon Quarter, Capcom is starting with a clean slate. Not only is it a fresh look for the series, it breaks free of the genre’s stereotypes and stands on its own two feet as a completely original property. Though innovative, Capcom’s eagerness to push the role-playing boundaries may prove costly. If anything, Dragon Quarter will likely tear the Breath of Fire fan base apart.
GamesFirst! (Apr 02, 2002)
Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter is very different from most of the games in the RPG genre, but that doesn't stop it from being one of the best RPGs the PS2 has to offer. Even though the game is rather brief compared to other RPGs, you can keep playing through it again and again in order to open up new storyline elements and quests. Fans of the Breath of Fire series might be a little upset by just how much has changed in Dragon Quarter, but you can rest assured that it is a fantastic experience. For RPG fans, Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter is definitely worth checking out
Well as usual this has a lot about being the ?chosen? to change the earth forever. Thats really the basic theme to the bof series. Now the game is rated for nudity however i wasn't able to play it enough to actually get to that particular scene or ability or whatever spot in the game. But I will rank this a c- for appropriateness.
GamePro (US) (Feb 21, 2003)
Dragon Quarter is a complex, tightly woven RPG that breaks new ground with its dark, industrial story and fantastically profound battle system. But before you get too excited, dear gamer, read on?all that fiery goodness comes with a stern warning attached.
GameSpot (Feb 25, 2003)
Capcom's long-running Breath of Fire series of role-playing games takes a bold step in a new direction in Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, the fifth installment in the series. While its predecessors have been about as straightforward as console RPGs get, Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter features an original tactical combat system and numerous gameplay twists that will surprise players well accustomed to the standard RPG blueprint. The story is surprisingly good as well and has thematic ties to the other Breath of Fire games, but it's set in Dragon Quarter's own unique subterranean world.
GameSpy (Feb 27, 2003)
With its high level of challenge and often unforgiving gameplay systems, it's hard to give Dragon Quarter a universal recommendation, but players who are willing to stick it out will find an RPG of unrivaled depth, innovation, and replayability.
79 (Jan 07, 2004)
Leider konnte uns Dragon Quarter trotz vieler löblicher Ansätze nicht vollends überzeugen. Das liegt vor allem an den zahlreichen Begrenzungen und Einschränkungen, denen man im Spiel unterworfen ist. So ist die Handlung sehr kurz und linear, die Spielwelt wenig umfang- und ideenreich, die Aktionspalette und das Inventar recht knapp bemessen und das Speichersystem ziemlich nervig. Dabei ist die Idee hinter der sich immer weiter entfaltenden Story und Spielwelt gar nicht so übel, aber dass man dafür gezwungen wird, das Ganze mehrmals komplett durchzuspielen, ist alles andere als innovativ - vor allem da das Leveldesign nicht sehr aufregend ist und dramaturgische Überraschungen eher selten sind. Die Story ist aber dennoch spannend inszeniert, das Kampfsystem überzeugt mit taktischen Finessen und auch sonst besitzt der Titel einige Elemente, die dauerhaft bei Laune halten, wie der Aufbau und die Verwaltung einer Ameisenkolonie.
This was actually very hard. The battle system is very intriguing. It has actual turns and yet it has a a system similar to kingdom hearts. Running around is really simple and you can still use your sword when running around. Though you cant hit people and get cash you can use it on enemy\'s before battles to gain an extra turn.
PSX Nation (Mar 07, 2003)
RPG fans willing to take a chance with “Dragon Quarter” are in for a purposefully tough but entertaining departure from what Capcom has doggie-trained us to expect from its “Breath of Fire” series. It’s a mix of so many new (the SOL and PETS systems), old (Ryu’s half-human dragon form, etc.) and borrowed elements from previous RPG’s (underground dungeons, “Chrono Cross”-like absence of random fights, “Dark Cloud 2”-like real-time action, etc.) that the end result is something that feels somewhat familiar without being entirely like anything before it. An acquired taste that’s definitely worth sampling even if you don’t end up sticking until the very end (good luck!).
Legendra (Mar 05, 2006)
Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter se révèle être au final un titre en marge des RPG habituels et formatés. Souffrant de défauts importants qui rebuteront une grande partie des joueurs (difficulté élevée, décors peu variés, linéarité, courte durée de vie...) mais se révèlera un excellent jeu pour ceux qui lui pardonneront ses tords. Fort de son ambiance sombre et unique et de son système de jeu et de scénario novateur BOF 5 est un titre à essayer absolument, au risque que vous en tombiez follement amoureux.
Det här är en frisk fläkt bland rollspelen. Men det är inte perfekt. Speltiden tillbringas lite för ofta i ändlösa, mörka gångar. Jag saknar också ett riktigt intensivt händelseförlopp, det blir ofta ganska långa transportsträckor mellan de punkter som för historien vidare. Jag undrar vad gamla fans av Breath of Fire kommer att säga, men för mig är Dragon Quarter i slutändan ändå ett steg i rätt riktning.
Gaming Age (Mar 17, 2003)
Capcom should be commended for wiping the slate clean with Dragon Quarter. The real time/turn based combat and new art style are a breath of fresh air compared to most RPGs on the market. Plus the characters and storyline are interesting enough to want you to keep playing. Just be warned that the air can turn stale after your 7th or 8th restart.
RPG Kingdom (Mar 07, 2004)
Pourtant, malgré tout cela, la fin sauve le jeu. En effet, une jolie surprise vous attends à la toute dernière minute, même si j'ai trouvé cela trop rapide, dommage. La séquence de fin, je dois l'avouer, m'a tirée une petite larme tout de même, et m'a donée l'envie de recommencer. Bref, vous voyez, ce jeu laissera de nombreux joueurs très perplexes... et les fans de la série crieront au scandale... Entre Amour et Haine, la frontière est mince, si mince....!
Yiya (Feb 21, 2004)
Ein wenig mehr Questlastigkeit, Levelrätsel, Humor wie in den Vorgängern, ein paar Minispielchen und eine epischere Story mit mehr Dracheneinsatz würde ich mir für einen eventuellen Nachfolger jedoch wünschen- vielleicht auch wieder in einer eher Fantasy orientierten Umgebung- ansonsten ist Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter für Fans der Serie ohnehin ein Muss, zumal das Game bereits im Mid-Price Bereich erhältlich ist. Neueinsteiger werden jedoch ihre Schwierigkeiten haben und sind vielleicht mit dem Vorgänger, den es auch für den PC gibt, besser beraten, da er leichter zugänglich ist.
While it doesn’t have the polished look of Wild Arms 3 or the rich story of XenoSaga or the conceptual uniqueness of .hack: infection, there’s plenty that’s likeable about the latest Breath of Fire title. BoF: Dragon Quarter gets props for taking the series in a fresh direction but ultimately could be overlooked until a relative RPG dry spell, since there’s also not a lot that makes it a must-have.
Netjak (Jan 12, 2004)
A warning to all those who play RPGs: stay well away from this one, unless it's free. Even then, the pathetic attributes of this failed experiment are disgusting. Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter is a poor excuse for an RPG. It is an attempt at innovation, perhaps. But it can also be the lazy solution for a group of developers who didn't want to put in the time to make a quality RPG.