Brett Hull Hockey 95 Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Brett Hull vs. Goalie
Brett Hull
Startup menu
Main menu
Options screen
Player setup screen
St. Louis vs. Vancouver
Editing lines
1st period starts
Faceoff in St. Louis defence zone
Only 14 seconds left of 1st period
St. Louis team gets icing call
Vancouver scores
Goalie saves the puck at last second
Three star players
End of Game menu
Game stats screen
Scoring Summary screen
Penalty summary screen
Player stats screen
Season team selection
Coach Team screen

Genesis version

Title screen
Main menu
Team statistics before the match
Face off at the beginning of the game
Home team scores!
Home team scores (again)!
Game statistics screen
Analysis after the match

SNES version

Title Screen
In Game
Game setup
St. Louis vs Toronto
Coach your team
Edit team lines