All-Star Football is a gridiron football game, however in this variation a team has only nine members on the field. You control one out of ten teams in either the Scrimmage or the Season mode. The goal in the Scrimmage mode is to win a single match, while a Season has nine matches, one against every opponent, plus the division playoff and the championship game. The teams are divided into the Western and Eastern divisions, and the standings in them are determined by a simple wins vs. losses ratio. You need to place second or first in order to qualify for the division playoff, which subsequently must be won for a final bout in the championship game.

During a match, you can control one player directly, including his direction, his speed, whom to pass or tackle; it's possible to switch between players. There are six formations for defense (Man to Man, Short Zone, Deep Zone, Stop Middle Run, Stop Run Wide, and Blitz), and twelve plays when attacking, including six for passing (Quick Hits, Curls, Slant, Post Corner, Crossing Pattern, and Go Deep) and six for running (Off Tackle, Sweep, HB Slam, Pitch Left, Pitch Right, and HB Counter). The most common way to score is to perform a touchdown by taking the ball into the opponent's end zone. When appropriate, you can attempt a field goal, or if you are forced to discard possession--punting, in order to get a better position when defending.

Every successful action a player performs earns him experience points. If he gathers enough of them he can advance through three levels of promotion: bronze, silver, and gold. Each promotion makes him more skillful compared to before. The team as a whole also has its stats, divided into four categories: passing, rushing, defense and special. These attributes are permanent and they can't be altered in any way.


All-Star Football Browser You need to press the respective letter on the keyboard in order to pass.
All-Star Football Browser I'm going for it! I'm going for a touchdown!
All-Star Football Browser The kickoff.
All-Star Football Browser Now how should I resolve this?

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