Alter Ego Screenshots (Browser)

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Browser version

Generating a new character.
Entering a new life phase.
A very rare graphic
Outcome of your first decision -- circumstances of your birth and starting conditions
Node menu
Pick a mood.
Result of your mood
Statistics so far (the bar graph on the node menu)
Another typical infancy scenario
Moving on to another life stage (the hourglass on the node menu).
Stage summary
Moving on the the next stage -- childhood.
Players with sensitive dispositions can opt to skip these.
Where's the option for "faint"?
Summarizing childhood.
Moving on to adolescence.
New nodes to visit -- education, romance, work and adventure.
Starting a romance.
Is it really that easy?
We take what we can get!
An "adventure"
An adolescent scenario...
... and its somewhat predictable outcome
Scripted event based on statistics.
Summarizing adolescence.
On to young adulthood!
More options yet! Banking, kids, major purchases...
Going to university.
If only it was laid out this cleanly in real life!
A university experience
Some of these experiences can have unexpected outcomes!
Interacting with the bank.
Attempting to purchase property.
Entering the rat race.
So many options, all equally... onerous.
Oh yes, let's spend some money!
Where's the Wii?
Romantic options to consider with your significant other.
Summarizing young adulthood
Let us proceed to adulthood!
An adult scenario
With adult consequences!
This romance stuff is tricky
Summarizing adulthood.
Next up: middle adulthood
The dating sims never prepared me for this!
Summarizing middle adulthood.
Last stop!
What's that new icon at the bottom?
Here's to a life well lived!