Arcane: Online Mystery Serial - The Stone Circle Episode 1 Screenshots (Browser)

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Browser version

The intro is about some kind of legend
Title screen
Choose your game mode
Ophelia's diary is now more detailed and easier to understand
It's a shadow, it's a statue...
No, it's Prescott!
Beginning the game. Prescott is equipped with the ultra glasses
Prescott: right now I can't open this lid. But there has to be a way, because otherwise they won't have put it into this game ;)
In-game menu
That doesn't seem to be a friendly meeting
Enter the sewer
This puzzle's main objective is to move all the casks out of your way. It isn't as easy as it sounds and looks! I suggest you take note of the crane's movement when pressing each button
Prescott: well, that may be the reward for my effort on that puzzle
Getting out of the warehouse
Who want to be Spider Man?
Another puzzle
Prescott: see! I told you we can do it :)
Like the other episodes of Arcane, there will be a monster coming out when you make too many mistakes
Prescott: next time I promise I won't click so thoughtlessly agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain!
The same old game-over screen