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Advertising Blurbs (Official website):
    Black Prophecy uses the latest in graphics technology to produce breathtaking visuals.
    Black Prophecy is more action-oriented than a traditional space simulation. We are trying to avoid long travel times or other activities where the player isn't really doing anything.
    Black Prophecy allows players to organize big PvP battles and also offers varied PvP missions.
    Black Prophecy's universe, story and background has been created by the award-winning Sci-Fi author Michael Marrak.
    Player ships are not sold as whole, but instead consist of modules like cockpits, wings, engines etc. All these modules are available in different shapes and sizes, which allows the players to customize their ships.
    In addition to the modular ship design, players can also further customize their ships by adding modifications to their ship's modules and weapons.
    Player clans can build clan stations that are expandable through a module system. Different modules add different functionalities to the station.
    Clans can fight each other to conquer resource stations.
    Similar to an achievement system, players can earn medals and awards for performing specific tasks.
    Players can learn and execute breakneck flight maneuvers.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (261109) on Jun 19, 2011. (Official website) - German:
    Black Prophecy benutzt aktuellste Technologien um atemberaubende Grafik darzustellen.
    Black Prophecy ist im Gegensatz zu traditionellen Weltraumsimulationen sehr action-orientiert. Lange Reisezeiten und andere Aktivitäten, bei denen der Spieler nicht aktiv agieren kann, werden vermieden.
    Black Prophecy erlaubt Spielern große PvP Schlachten zu organisieren und bietet zahlreiche unterschiedliche PvP Missionen.
    Black Prophecy’s Universum, Story und Hintergund wurde vom mehrfach ausgezeichneten Sci-Fi Autor Michael Marrak kreiert.
    Spielerschiffe sind nicht als Ganzes erhältlich, sondern bestehen aus unterschiedlichen Modulen, wie z.B. Cockpits, Flügeln, Triebwerken, usw. Alle diese Module sind in unterschiedlichen Formen und Größen erhältlich, die es dem Spieler erlauben das Schiff nach eigenen Wünschen und Vorstellungen anzupassen.
    Zusätzlich zum modularen Schiffssystem können Spieler ihre Schiffe durch das Installieren von Modifikationen für Schiffsmodule und Waffen weiter anpassen.
    Spielerclans können eigene Stationen errichten, die über ein modulares System erweiterbar sind. Je nach Bedarf können den Stationen damit unterschiedliche Funktionalitäten hinzugefügt werden.
    Clans können mit anderen Clans um Ressourcenstationen kämpfen und diese erobern.
    Ähnlich eines Errungenschaftensystems, können sich Spieler Medaillen und Auszeichnungen für die Bewältigung spezieller Aufgaben erarbeiten.
    Spieler können unterschiedliche Taktiken lernen und dadurch halsbrecherische Manöver fliegen.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (261109) on Jun 19, 2011.

gamigo press release (March 21, 2010):

    gamigo Conquers Space - Black Prophecy Is Now Live!

    Hamburg, March 21, 2010 - After long years in development, today's the day: the space combat MMOG Black Prophecy has officially lifted off and is now open to all players. It has been an exciting journey to bring the game, which so many players have been looking forward to for a long time, to the public, but it has certainly been worth the wait.

    Patrick Streppel, Executive Board Member at gamigo, said this: "There's no doubt for us that Black Prophecy will mix things up in the MMO gaming world. It will breathe new life into the space combat genre and such elaborate production has also never been seen before in the free-to-play market."

    Kirk Lenke, CEO of Reakktor Media, said this: "With the launch of Black Prophecy, the most comprehensive, exciting and ambitious project in the long history of our team is going live. All this is the result of the hard work of an extremely dedicated and talented group of people. The launch of this high-quality free-to-play game proves that we have met the high expectations set for Black Prophecy. We're looking forward to seeing lots of players in the game and to hearing the feedback from community members that have been with us for years as well as from new fans. We hope players will enjoy the game as much as our team does."

    Right from the start, players will be drawn into the frenzy of space combat while following the rich and exciting background story. The story is told in spectacular cutscenes complete with voice-over recordings and a top-quality soundtrack.

    Players can choose to join one of the two factions: the genetically-perfected Genides or the cybernetically-optimized Tyi. Whichever side they choose, there's lots to be done in the vast endlessness of space. Besides the story missions that unveil the plot, players can also complete hundreds of action-packed PvE and PvP missions or group up to form clans. Together they can collect resources and build their own clan station, which can then be expanded upon with a variety of different modules. Ships can also be customized to suit each player's preferences using some of the countless building parts available.

    As a picture is worth a thousand words, the launch trailer is now available for download. European players can register to play on the game's official homepage. Players in North America will be able to play the game soon, as closed beta testing will begin shortly. Black Prophecy can be played in English or in German.

    Features at a glance:
    . State-of-the-art graphics
    . Open world maps
    . Real-time combat
    . Exciting PvP battles
    . Enthralling backstory
    . Modular ship design
    . Numerous community features
    . Earn awards and medals
    . Craft your own ship components
    . Master the tactics of battle
    . Explore clan stations

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (261109) on Jun 19, 2011.

gamigo press release (October 2010):

    Black Prophecy: Players Create Their Own Clan Stations

    Today gamigo and developer Reakktor Media will introduce an additional feature of the action-packed space MMOG, Black Prophecy: its clan system. Clans play a large role in Black Prophecy. Clan leaders can assign members of the clan to certain ranks and thus also give them different powers. Clans can be recognized easily by their own customized clan symbol, specially designed by the clan using the graphics and color schemes provided by the logo editor.

    Faction rankings
    Faction rankings are calculated based on the number of clan missions completed and a number of other parameters. Once the clan has reached a certain ranking and fulfilled other criteria (resources, number of members, etc.), it can request its own sector in which it can build a clan station.

    Clan stations
    Countless modifications morph stations into gigantic complexes. Up to 16 modules such as hangars, trading posts and living quarters can be attached. The appearance and structure of the clan station will change based on the type of modules attached.

    The clan can decide whether or not it wants to allow other players from the same faction to access their facilities. Only stations that are open to other pilots will be visible on the starmap.

    Expanding the clan station
    The heart of a space station is its command module. In its most basic state it can house ten clan members, supply basic power to the station and has small storage spaces and a station module dealer. The clan station gains more features by adding new modules. In order to expand its station, the clan needs to have enough resources and upgrade modules, which can be acquired by completing special clan missions. With each increase in level, the station's energy consumption also increases. One thing players should bear in mind is that modules can only be upgraded if there is an adequate supply of energy. Solar cell modules can remedy energy shortages.

    Modules and their features
    Depots offer space for resources and clan members' items. With each expansion, storage space increases - this allows clans to adapt their storage space to their needs. By opening a trading post, clan members and visitors will have access to the entire faction-wide range of products. Clans can create, modify and improve items in the workshop. The workshop's expansion level determines the maximum level of the modifications that can be made to weapons or ship parts. Players assemble their ships out of their newly-created parts in their hangar.

    Clans gain access to special clan missions by building a faction agency. With each expansion the clan mission level also increases.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (261109) on Jun 19, 2011.

gamigo press release (August 02, 2010):

    Black Prophecy: A Detailed View of Crafting

    Hamburg, August 2, 2010 - At regular intervals, gamigo and Reakktor Media will introduce and shed some light on some of the features of the upcoming space action MMOG Black Prophecy. Last time we introduced the modular ship-building system, today we'll talk about crafting.

    Crafting components and ship modules requires different resources, parts and blueprints. Once all the pieces have been acquired, items can be created using a "constructor", which is found in the workshop of each space station.

    Resources and Parts

    There are three types of resources in the game: metal, plasma and gas. Metal is extremely important for crafting ship modules, weapons and other items. Plasma is primarily used as a source of energy during crafting. Gas is an important resource needed for the production of high-performance computers and for operating hyper-space jump drives.

    There are a number of ways players can gain resources. Destroyed spaceships become space junk from which a certain amount of resources can be salvaged. Resources can also be collected during successfully completed missions. The type and amount of resources to be had depends on the level of difficulty. The largest deposits of raw materials, known as resource stations, are conquered and controlled by clans.

    Parts such as CPUs, steering units or energy sources are sold by merchants or stolen from enemy NPCs.


    Blueprints are found in the wreckage of old ships and contain all the information needed to produce an item. They specify how much of each resource and what parts are needed. Once a module has been crafted successfully, the blueprint cannot be used again. If crafting fails, all the resources and parts used will be lost, but the blueprint will remain intact. The apex of any crafting project would be a critical success, which increases the quality of the crafted item greatly.

    The Constructor

    Besides producing ship and station modules, players can also modify, repair and enhance these. There are also optional items players can use during the production process to increase the likeliness of success or to shorten crafting time, for example.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (261109) on Jun 19, 2011.

gamigo press release (June 01, 2010):

    Black Prophecy: Shedding light on the modular shipbuilding system

    Hamburg, June 1, 2010 - At regular intervals, gamigo and Reakktor will introduce and shed some light on some of the features of the upcoming space action MMOG Black Prophecy. To start the series, we'll introduce the incredibly comprehensive system for shipbuilding in modules which allows players to put together a spaceship entirely to their own specifications.

    Even though Tyi and Genide ships may look completely different, the technical specifications of their components are the same. In general, a space-worthy ship is built of the following components:

    Left and right wing
    Left and right engine

    These components can also be added:

    Up to four normal weapons
    A rocket launcher with up to two rockets
    A shield generator

    The end product might look something like this:

    In order to be able to add better modules to their ship, players need to invest points in nine skills. The ninth will unlock new flight maneuvers and tactics. Each skill level also corresponds to the level of the module that can be used. It's important to note that not all module levels are compatible with one another. There is a certain amount of tolerance, though, that allows much stronger components to be added to weaker parts.

    We are often asked if there are ship classes in Black Prophecy like there are in many other online games. The answer to that question is a definite maybe. Ship classes are not assigned or set but are defined by the modules used. This allows players to install the strongest weapons and heaviest shields and prowl around outer space like a tank. If that's not really your style, then choose smaller weapons and lighter armor and use your increased mobility to your advantage against slower opponents.

    Here's an example:
    We want a maneuverable ship that can take care of opponents from a close range. At longer distances, heavier opponents could take us out more easily, which is why we've equipped ourselves with plasma flamethrowers, which weighs about a third less than a longer range Vulcan cannon. We wouldn't want to go anywhere without a shield, but we will leave the rocket launcher in the hangar. This leaves us with an extremely fast and maneuverable ship that can dodge enemy fire and travel vast distances quickly. Since no weapons can be mounted on the stern of a ship, this is obviously the opponent's weak spot. And since he is so slow to move, we can just position ourselves behind him.

    All modules are easily distinguishable and, with a steady hand, can be targeted specifically and taken out. Which is of course why we, swift hunter that we are, will first take out the enemy's propulsion to make our lives a bit easier. On the other hand, those heavy gunboats, with their strong lasers and rockets, can take quite a beating. The heavy weaponry makes for huge damage potential, which is especially important in destroying structures. Which is also why larger, heavy ships should not head out without a fighter escort.

    The modular building system is also used for building clan stations, which start as small habitats and can be expanded to gigantic space complexes. Even capital ships can range from large to gigantic and come in countless varieties in terms of their structure, appearance and weaponry.

    Official Website:

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (261109) on Jun 19, 2011.

gamigo press release (March 04, 2010):

    Black Prophecy: gamigo to publish the space action MMOG globally!

    Hamburg, March 4, 2010 – gamigo AG and Reakktor Media GmbH have officially announced that they will be working together on the highly-anticipated space action MMOG Black Prophecy. gamigo owns the global distribution and publishing rights for the game. The Hamburg-based publisher thus lays the foundation for a new focus on becoming a global publisher and producer of free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online Games.

    Patrick Streppel, member of the gamigo executive board, is enthusiastic about the new game: „Reakktor’s Black Prophecy will breathe life back into a genre previously forgotten. The game features graphics of the highest quality, a rich and meaningful story, and strong community features. Since we've begun collaborating with Reakktor, we have expanded greatly upon the concept of the game and thus are able to offer one of the first top-of-the-line free-to-play MMOGs."

    A lot has happened in the development of Black Prophecy in the past few weeks. The biggest change has been the new direction as a free-to-play online game, previously unheard of for a game of this quality. Among other things, a crafting system was added and the layout of the game world was opened up. In-game dialogue will be recorded by professional voice actors. The one-and-a-half hour long orchestral soundtrack provides a rich and varied score of background music.

    Kirk Lenke, CEO of Reakktor Media GmbH, said "We are excited to have found such a strong partner in gamigo for the publishing and distribution of our space action MMOG Black Prophecy. gamigo has the necessary skills and abilities to turn our product into a global MMOG blockbuster." Black Prophecy is expected go into closed beta testing in April 2010.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (261109) on Jun 19, 2011.

10tacle press release (August 21, 2007):

    Black Prophecy Reveals Its Dark Secret

    Darmstadt, August 21st 2007 - In “Black Prophecy" 10TACLE STUDIOS and developer Reakktor Media will for the first time be leaving space and time behind them at this year's Games Convention in Leipzig. Today's launch of the website reveals a number of secrets concerning the Action-MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) title and shows some impressive images from the depths of space. As well as fighting epic multi-player battles and fulfilling exciting single-player missions players will experience a fascinating story from the pen of prize-winning German science-fiction author Michael Marrak. In addition to many roll-playing game elements and a comprehensive resource-management system the tactically demanding “Black Prophecy" also offers a tremendous depth of play and spectacular deep-space action for the PC.

    By the mid 26th century humanity has conquered the universe and colonized countless planets. Yet life in space requires a great deal of adaptation. Bred for just these conditions, the cybernetically adapted Tyi and the biogenetically optimized Geniden have outgrown their creators to become the new ruling races. Their uncompromising battle for total mastery of space leads humanity into the sphere of influence of an ancient alien life form - a life form which tolerates no other cosmic civilizations but its own. In this battle against an overpowering enemy, players must first choose which of the two rival factions they wish to join as they try to save humanity.

    Starting in the fall of 2008 the fascinating science-fiction universe from “Black Prophecy" will present players a complex online universe featuring cinema-quality space battles. A universe in which they fly their spacecraft alone, as a clan member or as part of a fleet as they fight political battles and prove themselves in the fight against extinction at the hands of the aliens. The search for their home world and the answer to their dark secret soon becomes a race to save all the races of mankind.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (261109) on Jun 19, 2011.