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Blipzkrieg is a fast-paced, retro-themed real-time strategy game. In 29 levels the player controls a character in a battle suit that can command groups of circle armies. The character can be moved around by holding the mouse or by drawing a path. Pressing the space bar makes it move twice as fast. The main character itself cannot attack, but it can gather troops that stay close and shoot. The goal of each level is to open up a portal that leads to the next one.

Levels usually have a maze-like design and enemies are grey. There are various structures, either red when controlled by the opponent or blue when controlled by you. Stationary energy sources power these structures. They power beams that prevent one side from crossing, or defensive turrets that shoot lasers or missiles. In the early levels your allies are usually somewhere in a group on the map. By moving close to them they receive a different colour and follow you around. By keeping the left mouse button pressed, they form a tight group, useful to pass through narrow sections with searchlights. When they get close to enemies they attack and they also shoot energy sources to convert them to your side. The player's side is usually outnumbered and needs a careful approach, quickly converting sources, freeing allies and only engaging the enemy in split groups. Enemies will also attempt to convert energy sources when they are converted to your side. When dead, the main character respawns, but when you are completely outnumbered the level needs to be restarted. Allied units also forget about you, roam freely and need to be converted again.

Later on the game adds base management. Both you and the enemy have a base that spawns a certain amount of units when clicked. Both sides attempt to destroy each other's base, first by converting the energy sources that power it, to remove the shield, and then engaging the base itself. At the same time defensive structures also still need to be converted to get the upper hand in unit count. The base management aspect changes the gameplay as you cannot roam freely anymore, as you often need to return to protect your base. New units that spawn from a base are immediately converted and will choose the quickest path to join you. Later levels introduce portals used to move quickly between parts of the map. The final level adds further variety, letting you control three battle suit units at once and fighting off many waves of enemies in a suvival-style game.


Blipzkrieg Browser A small group has been converted (yellow), the others still roam freely.
Blipzkrieg Browser I have many units here, but they still need to be converted.
Blipzkrieg Browser The blue beams make sure only my team can cross.
Blipzkrieg Browser You get to control to commanders simultaneously in the last level.

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