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blueful Screenshots (Browser)

User Screenshots

Browser version

The starting page of the story
It starts as a LiveJournal entry.
Moving on to a posting in Google Groups.
There are five pictures on Flickr with segments.
It can be hard to figure out where the story is with all the redundant content surrounding it.
Use a small clue to find the next part in the Google Agenda.
Postings on Twitter
Using a spreadsheet.
Songs on Last.FM
a WordPress blog
A writing gig on Craigslist
Unaware users flock to spam this account on Booksie.
Creative use of a desktop
A regular text page
Make sure not to miss a part in the scenery.
An audio fragment
There are many new postings in this newsgroup already... look for the right one.
Creative use of speech bubbles during a strangely unrelated YouTube video with new music.
There is more.
A slideshow
A poll
Even ASCI art is thrown in.
Different Cafepress T-shirts contain text.
Using Google Maps.
Alone... off the map
OKCupid posting
Drawing on Dabbleboard.
Alas, the mailinator message has vanished, I need the keyword to continue and I'll miss out on this part of the story.
LibraryThing comment
A picture on DeviantArt
A Vimeo video message
A posting on a protected wiki